Disrupting The Fitness Industry with Move to Earn

In this video, Bryan talks about the number of first-time holders coming into the space because of . Not only is revolutionizing move to earn, but the traction it is gaining has new users coming into for the first time.

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Disrupting The Fitness Industry with Move to Earn

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  1. you can be honest, bitboy. just tell us how much STEPN paid you or your employees to upload these videos. you’ve uploaded 4-6 of these miniature videos, shilling for STEPN, which is most likely financially harmful to those who buy into it.

  2. Hi, I’ve been following you and watching your content and I love everything about it. We would like to collaborate with you . Are you interested ?

  3. Seriously stop promoting STEPN, you really think we are so low IQ huh? if you are going to advertise for a company at least be honest with us and tell everyone STEPN is sponsoring your videos.

  4. Bad network, bad token with no function. You know you have to disclose if it’s a paid advertisement 😂

  5. Your the last person to discuss any fitness related. A salad is the closest u will ever get.

  6. Notice this guy never promotes coins with good tokanomics. He doesn’t want you to become rich because that means you’ll move on from him and stop watching his videos.

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