Don’t Fall For The Hype (Dead Coins of Crypto)

Since the crypto industry began, over 20,000 crypto coins have been created, but many of them are now dead in the water, including many once-prominent tokens. In this video, I'll be going over some of the most notable coins that are now residing in the crypto graveyard, as well as taking a look at what brought them to this state, and how you can avoid losing all your on a future dead coin.

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0:00 Intro
1:38 Namecoin
2:39 Onecoin
3:59 Bitconnect
5:14 Other Dead Coins
5:49 Dog Coins
7:18 Meme Coins
9:08 Life Lessons

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Don't Fall For The Hype (Dead Coins of Crypto)

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  1. Ben what about the ones you drilled last year (Bit token, etc)
    Investors funds are still stocked. Such a surprise you didn’t mentioned the gutter coins you encouraged us to buy

    1. @Preposterous Potato He made me to buy APY at an ATH price. Never recovered from it. He has guts to tell us about dead coins

  2. Safemoon team did not leave, majority of them were fired just an fyi
    Not saying it’s a good token but people were fired, they didn’t leave. They were shown the door

  3. Just another lucky man who got in early on Bitcoin thinking he is some sort of crypto guru. Shitting on smaller investors.

  4. He was talking bad about shib until it blew up and made people hella money – losing respect for bitboy – wrong with a lot of calls

  5. Advertising unfortunately inclines people to invest usdt in untested coins. Especially beginners suffer from this.

  6. Luna, Celcius, Voyager digital, Safemoon, Squid game, shiba inu, dogecoin….THOUSANDS of useless coins elonthat, elonthis the Crypto space is not easy 😀

  7. Many people get wealthy suddenly in the Crypto market, while others become destitute over a 20-year period and lose everything. Everyone has their own strategy, risk tolerance, and desired outcome.

  8. DOGE was my only meme investment, bought at .07 and quickly exited at .17 Never even waited around for the SNL DOGE father skit. Lookie now right back where we started…lol

  9. I have not listened to various opinions for a long time and if I am destined to lose usdt, then at least I will not regret it.

  10. IM not a fan of Doge at all but even Elon kept all his Doge when he just sold 75% of his BTC at at loss.. sorry bro Doge is not dead

  11. The day Elon Musk sells his Doge instead of BTC , Then I might consider that Doge is dead , but Shib and Doge are still in the top 100 and have billion dollar market caps in this bear market 💯

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