Elon COLLAPSES Bitcoin COMPLETELY (And SAVED My Crypto Trading Career)

There is a rumor that SpaceX just dumped 400 million worth of bitcoin, which has contributed to crashing it down to 25k. Where will bitcoin go next?

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Elon COLLAPSES Bitcoin COMPLETELY (And SAVED My Crypto Trading Career)

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  1. Wouldn’t have Space X actually dumped this a long time ago and it just finally was reported in one of their quarterly statements?

  2. Buy indicator went off few days ago.

    This is all by design. Evergrande did this btw. Elon sold a month ago.

  3. Ok now finishing your video…yep, you did what i did…love futures…best way to buy after a dump…we both did the same damn thing…i just did it with XRP.

  4. Only the beginning. There’s no liquidity in the markets, interest rates are high making borrowing difficult. Student loan forgiveness is ending. Short term not looking good for risk assets. The Fourth Turning is upon us.

  5. If your trading career goes down the drain, do not EVER try to break into the audio book market! … I mean, gawd DAMN, boy!

  6. I haven’t been this excited about crypto since I first bought in. Now that I have my ish together, the price dropping below my entry levels has got me excited for this fire sale.

  7. At the 4 min 7 seconds to 4min 17s. Calculating the distance you travelled over a 10 second time frame, you were speeding.

  8. Yesterday was a good day,Thank goodness I had a short position in yesterday with Bitcoin, had my tp set at $27,000, doubled my $.

  9. S&P500 on the monthly is currently showing a bearish engulfing candle and is facing resistance from it’s long term uptrend. Crypto has mirrored the S&P so far.

  10. I have had a passion for crypto since I first bought it. Now with my ish I’m excited about my entry level sales.😁😁😁

  11. Your explanations are concise and practical. I’ve watched numerous videos on trading, but I haven’t made much progress due to the confusing information or stories of personal success. Could you recommend a reliable trading coach who can provide clear guidance?

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