ELON MUSK Flakes On TWITTER DEAL + Jed McCaleb Positioned To DUMP All XRP

In tonight's news wrap-up, I take a look at the current happenings in the landscape, including Elon Musk backing out of his big Twitter buy, Bitcoin plummeting below $20K, and another episode in the never-ending sage between Ripple Labs and the SEC.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Bird and the Billionaire
2:33 Frank
4:10 Bears Break Bitcoin
4:58 The Case That Never Ends

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ELON MUSK Flakes On TWITTER DEAL + Jed McCaleb Positioned To DUMP All XRP

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  1. If 1 million people buy hold 14 QNT there will be nearly NO QNT to buy…

    Then the price has to go up, to get us to sell..

    1. Or 14 million people just bought 1 QNT the supply is gone. 14 million people is not a lot in a world of billions and billions of people

  2. Jed was under agreement to sell off his holdings over time in regular installments… look at the history of transactions… it is consistent no matter which way the market is going. He is not selling due to any news or insider knowledge… not to say he isn’t buying back in again on the quiet through another account. Nothing controversial… let’s just hope it has a slightly positive effect on the coins general trend once he is finally done.

    1. That was my understanding, as well – that he is contractually obligated to sell.

  3. Old news now…. There’s been a bigger win for ripple in court!!

    Not sure why you put does jed think Xrp is going to lose the case… Pointless bating

  4. These clickbait titles and talks are FUD & BS. Other crypto & financial Youtubers are doing it too because they’re desperate to keep up their click rates during downturns. It’s beyond annoying and I’m watching fewer of them because of the BS, including Bitboy’s. Knock it off and start providing solid & useful content again.

  5. Leader of the xrp army he says lol I hope he doesn’t sell at a low price though I don’t give a damn I have my professional broker Theresa Shirley ann give me updated on all this she handles my portfolio and I am not worried ever since.

    1. To me aside keeping up with blogs, heads up from a financial advisory justifies investing in the cryptocurrency and stocks market.

    2. I stumbled on an interview on CNBC Tv where Theresa Shirley ann spoke on risk management and a lot of other things. I googled her, was impressed by her portfolio so I contacted her. It’s been great ever since. My numbers are on a rise.

  6. This is the future (12 hours later than this post). Court goes against the SEC request with a major win for Ripple. How does George know before BB?

  7. Ojacoin is a very interesting Coin that has its own wallet and it is one of the most secured wallets.

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