Elon Musk TWITTER DEAL (Bitcoin & Ethereum To Fix Social Media?)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto .

Minds –

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Elon Musk TWITTER DEAL ( & Ethereum To Fix Social Media?)

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  1. Has Bitboy ever spoke about Reggie Middleton owning the DeFi patent in the USA and Japan? It really will affect your bags if your cryptos don’t abide by its foundational intellectual property rights.

  2. This Gucci-shirt is one of these pieces 10 years from now you wonder what the hell has ridden me back then to wear this. Actually, not even now I understand that certain piece.

    1. That is not how it works. He put an offer in with a fixed price per share. This price will be binding for both parties no matter where the direction of price per share goes.

  3. I need a Ben brake!!! He turns where’ the wind blows. First he literally said he hates Elon. Now he likes him, ish??!! Just be more careful the way you express yourself Ben. You run a channel with a lot of followers so be responsible for gods sake!!! Otherwise you’ll lose even more credibility.

  4. BB Promoting Doge (has zero development and their story is “EVENTUALLY” we’ll get smart contracts etc) over SHIBA that is literally building on ETH. LMFAO

  5. Frankie is a legend 😊🙏Thanks for the insides! I appreciate it! Ben you are awesome too of course hihi

  6. I bought my kids a Tesla quad that I literally paid pennies-on-the-dollar with my Dogecoin. I’ve never bought anything with ethereum or Bitcoin

  7. Has bitboy ever mentioned that Central African Republic made Bitcoon legal tender? Seems pretty significant news.

  8. Ben!! Please calm down and let the guest talk, you got a GUEST over .. no worries, sent with love ❤️🙏

  9. I love the show, great job as always. I just don’t understand why you have Richard Heart on your show and yet still don’t speak about his projects, such as HEX, PulseChain, and PulseX, as well as the ecosystem being developed. It’s sad the show preaches against censorship and yet actively censors guests and leading projects.

    1. well Richard heart doesnt always talk avout his peojects either xD I tried to watxh a video of his and had to sit through 20 minutes of bragging, flexxing his clock and twerking to the haters lol, not the most humble person, but funny and entertaining nonetheless cudos to him💯😁

  10. Elon Musk definitely makes many things more popular and their rating grows. This was the case with bitcoin and cryptomonets. Bitcoin paired with USDT is very popular among crypto traders.

  11. Loved the closing statement Ben. Hopium for guys like me that missed the last bear market is like an angel whispering in my ear

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