Ethereum Is About To Change Everything – Prepare Now

Ethereum combine is taking place soon and Ethereum is prepared to alter the crypto markets at last. The battle of L1s remains in play as relocations from proof of work to evidence of stake. What takes place if Ethereum merge stops working? What takes place if it prospers?

What is Ethereum merge? 00:45
Earthquake coming 1:10
Ethereum miners (Ethereum timeless/ ERGO).
What if Ethereum combine fails? 4:30.
Could combine setup other L1s? 4:55.
Among the most significant crypto events to date 6:00.
Layer twos 6:35.

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Ethereum Is About To Change Everything – Prepare Now

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  1. Thank you for coming by.

    What is Ethereum merge? 00:45
    Earthquake coming 1:10
    Ethereum miners (Ethereum classic / ERGO)
    What if Ethereum merge fails? 4:30
    Could ETH merge setup other L1s? 4:55
    One of the biggest crypto events to date 6:00
    Layer 2s 6:35

    1. Why do you keep lying about Cardano! It wont tackle scalability all that much in the upgrade. It will help congestion but in term of TPS maybe 10’s of TX more. Hydra is the scalability upgrade which is not that close. I think ETH is actually closer to real scalability on L1.
      Also ETH has tons more L2 solutions compared to ADA.

  2. All I got to say is buy the rumor sell the news! Should sell some of holdings just before it comes out. Just my two cents. NFA

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I’m super nervous about it and not really sure how it will make things better with everything I heard but I hope all goes well and that it improves things for Etherium holders! I am way more excited about Ergo tbh. Great unbiased factual info Dan!

    1. Why nervous? Just buy the dumps or sell-offs. Intelligently hodl. Win-win. Don’ t sell for months to come. Only accumulate

  4. Nooooo!!! No DAN!!! ETH shilll, ahhhh!!! No!!! I still say it will be a bumpy flawed transition and it changes nothing as speed and fees are not changed! This merge is the biggest overblown event in all of crypto!

  5. I invested a lot in crypto thinking holding till it rises is the best way of income and I lost almost everything during recent crash in the market. How can I recover it back?

  6. Great video Dan. Sheds light on some important things regarding the merge and also sheds light on Cardano, where that article did not. Thanks

  7. Thanks, Dan, for this great video. It is good to have the overview of the merge put forward in this manner. I still believe ADA is the project to be in, and for that reason I continue to hodl.

  8. I am excited more than anything because Eth can finally step aside for real innovation to come in and provide better and more secure DeFi for the masses.

  9. ETH: “The merge won’t actually change anything”
    ADA: Hey we also get 10x scalability with cost, data, speed even though there is zero congestion…

    1. 100% false! Even Charles himself said this upgrade wont do a ton for scalability. Sure it help with batching and execute faster but in term of TPS no it wont do anything. That is hydra which is still in development.

  10. Hi there – Ergo Platform account here – thanks for your coverage of the Ergo blockchain. If you think your community would be interested, we would love to arrange an interview with one of our foundation members or core developers to dive deeper into all the wonderful things that Ergo brings to the table. Thanks!

  11. Please help me understand why people so hyped about the Merge? If it’s done correctly… The only benefit is reduced energy consumption… the downside is less decentralization and greater risk of losing your coins.. slashing and hack risk increased.

    1. People is getting excited about an event ie the merge that should have never taken place , why are we rewarding stupidity???? Cardano has always been PoS !! Long ADA

  12. Great content as always @Dan . I want to get my ada off my exchange and onto a cold wallet. I just dont know where to start. Any tips that i could use ? I am tech savvy but still rather new to cold wallets.

  13. Ergo is a sleeping giant, miners are underestimated, they are the user base in both bull AND bear markets. I predict a slow but inevitable take over once Ergos market cap is large enough to sustain mining profitability.

  14. The crypto currency market has been so unfavorable in the past weeks, I’ve lost a lot of money trading on my own on Binance and I’m certainly impatient right now, how can I make profit from trading….

  15. Eth is the most undervalued project will find its path soon will go parabolic insha Allah the future of blockchain

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