Ethereum Merge Almost Complete! (Don’t FOMO into Luna)

The Ethereum Merge inches closer to completion, rallies in anticipation of Vasil Upgrade and Just because Luna Classic pumped 300% doesn’t mean you should buy it.

0:00 Intro
0:36 Bellatrix Initiated!
2:11 Market watch with Frankie Candles
3:35 Ready For Vasil
4:54 LUNA-tics

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Ethereum Merge Almost Complete! (Don't FOMO into Luna)

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    1. If not more before the burning starts in about 10 days , people will keep the momentum going, then after that, it will fall back to earth.

  1. Everyone said the same about doge and shib. I stuck my nose up and dismissed those too. Two complete garbage tokens. Look where that went. Not making that mistake again. Got a fat bag at the bottom. Make that money and never marry your bags. Problem solved.

    1. @MajesticF0X I just couldn’t watch it again. Everyone making insane gains on things like shib and doge. Sometimes one has to swallow their pride and just go where the money is in this market. Hype and community. I saw what was brewing with LUNC and bought a bag at 0.0~88. If it works out? I could retire. if not? It will still be the biggest gain I’ve had this entire bear market.

  2. People are NOT buying Luna for staking rewards… Most don’t even keep their Luna in Terra Station.

    But to suggest buying a scratch off instead of buying LUNC just shows how fresh their wounds are and how much money these clowns lost in Luna and UST before the crash.

    1. @MajesticF0X absolutely. And good call about the fomo, little by little in your favorite investments is the way to go.

    2. Couldnt care less about staking. I bought on Kucoin, and holding it in Exodus. My 10 millions coins have quadrupled my money since I bought in. I’ll wait a lil closer to when they start the full burn, then take my original investment out, and just keep my moon bag going.

    3. @Lakx It can do 1000s of x not this year, not next year, but with the tail winds of another bull market, high volume with burns, and staking and utility being added back it can definitely do 1000s of x hitting new ATHs from where it’s at now.

  3. Enjoy the highs, fish 🐟 up the lows’

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, looks like a short squeeeze will soon be in play …🏃‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️

    Litecoin 2023 halving closer each second as MWEB goes live ⚡️

  4. We seen it all before.
    Watch Eth and ada go down and Lunc go up. Doing the opposite of this channels advise I’ve made more money in a bear market than listening to them during the bull market. This channel is trying to move the market due to its high number of subscribers. Use common sense 😅

  5. never imagined this crew would pump there bags first telling us what not to get into. Let’s make this very simple, you show us your wallet, we’ll show you ours ( oh, wait, even an individual has multiple wallets) . simple enough, that’s why it’s called a block chain, but if you’re not willing, than well we all know I’m right. I don’t play games. I am all about the facts. Trust me , you are just one of many youtubers, and the real most honest ones would call you out. Yal should hire Cramer.

  6. You should not generally make a recommendation about buying something or avoiding buying it. You didn’t make that clear in this video, but your reasoning is leading viewers to not buy Lunac. Just as you as an influencer could be responsible for someone going broke because of your recommendations, you could also be responsible for someone not investing in a crypto project that is experiencing extreme appreciation (moon). As an example, I am sure that many will NOT invest in Lunac because of this video.

    1. they are obviously shilling their coin bag and saying bad about the one they don’t have position into. Never listen to influencers about what to buy or not to be honest

    2. @Tartempion I don’t do that anyway, but the thing is that many people are influenced by such influenza. Even if you or I don’t believe in it, somehow we get influenced subconsciously.

  7. The thing you have to remember about these big crypto youtubers is that they’re all ALREADY rich. They have no need to take risks. They can put their money into a “safe” investment like MATIC or AVAX and just wait for a 5x gain when the market turns up again…. But if you’re just starting out you should ABSOLUTELY be looking at LUNC because it’s a coin that could give you 100x (or more) returns which will build your base for future investing. Don’t be stupid and put your life savings into it… but I would have a moon bag ready 100%.

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