Ethereum MERGE: Most PIVOTAL Event In Crypto History

The next evolution in crypto is almost upon us. There is a lot of noise in the crypto space on this topic, but one thing that is clear…the merge from Proof of Work to 2.0 is without a doubt the most highly anticipated event in digital assets to date. The stakes have never been higher for Vitalik and the gang, and we know if Ethereum is ever going to flip , considering how long the merge has been delayed…this transition has to go perfect. Vitalik even said himself, “If Ethereum fails to scale, then Ethereum definitely failed.”

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0:00 Intro
0:59 ETH Proof of Work
2:36 Mainnets
3:41 flippening

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Ethereum MERGE: Most PIVOTAL Event In Crypto History

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  1. I accept crypto as payment on a few websites. No one has ever paid with an ethereum token. They pay with bitcoin or an altcoin with virtually no gas fee.

  2. I like eth and all but i gotta admit (while I continue to HODL eth) I really like Avalanche and I am anxious to see where they are at in 7 or 8 years from now.

    1. I been buying avax for a while . Great project Especially at these prices. I don’t think it will be the ethereum but it will be definitely one of the top guns And that this price you’d be crazy not to load up an avalanche and Solana and I love Aave I got my avg down to 66 dollars This dip

    2. @Lord Wise Yeah most people don’t know what anything is that’s why 99% of people lose money in this game. Avalanche is a beast ethereum is a beast both Have been life-changing

    3. @Giovanni nijo That’s why it’s good to diversify and not pick winner. I own Avalanche, ETH, Solana, Cosmos, Dot, etc… All the top projects. You cant really lose.

  3. I still cant see eth 2.0 being successful, its very complex & theres sooooo much that can go wrong. Im glad i have nuttin in eth. Most people ben included play down the merge as if its just a simple upgrade thats already successful but were just waiting for them to flick the switch. Ill be shocked if this merge goes well, i didnt even think it would be possible to switch from POW to POS with so much built on top.

    1. @Mark Smith How long ive been in crypto is irrelevant to my point, so attacking me & labelling me as a “noob” dont change the facts of how difficult & complex something like this is. If me simply questioning eth mege triggers you snowflakes then i guess you dont have a very strong conviction in it so why back it as you do………& you call me a “noob”😂 the irony!! Notice how not one of you attempted to educate me on why im wrong & why we should all be acting like the merge was already a success??

    2. @T Saunders Why would i want anything to do with a coin that went 5 years+ in the wrong direction before doing a u turn.🤷‍♂️ If you made money of eth in its prime then good for you but there are many opportunities in crypto, im not “mad” if i miss one im sure youve missed a few aswell. Why dont any of you try explain why im wrong & just try discredit me in 1 way or another??🤦‍♂️

    3. @Crypto RavenPig that’s what these ppl do mate they come to tell you your wrong but bring no evidence with them, just a bag of personal insults. Really intelligent approach to debate ay 🤣

    4. @T Saunders I was grabbing around then too 2018-2019 when ether was legit $100 dollars for the longest


    1. Absolutely correct! And people always argue that if it’s used by corporations they don’t care about paying millions and millions of dollars a year in gas fees because they have so much money. Yeah…okay… I mean, if I ran a corporation and had hundreds of millions or billions of dollars I would just blow millions in gas fees, why would I care? I wouldn’t use something that’s faster, better, and cheaper to use. That would be dumb. 🤦

    2. Exactly, what matters at this point is Gas Fees and traffic. Pulsechain will have all of the ERC20 coins copied + pennies for gas check it out

    1. It has no potential and will not be around in 5 years time…….Ethgate!

      Ethgate is gonna bring the Ethereum Blockchain to a grinding hault.

      And because Ethereum is Centralized, when the founders all go to jail, Ethereum will die.

  5. Proof of Stake makes it easier for a big single company in the future to control ETH…
    You said it’s the complete package, but it’s not.
    Proof of work is slower, but it’s real decentralized and with the growth it’s decentralize itself more and more, because that’s the most efficient way, but with Ethereum we will probably have the opposite, with the growing network it becomes more and more efficient when just some big players run the network…

    So you have still just two sides of the triangle and not the full package….

    So for that decentralize corner of the triangle, proof of work is the only way to go.
    Ok, it needs a lot of energy, but you have to pay a price for that and in relation to the steel industry etc. it’s really tiny. And maybe in the future we could run it just with renewable energy. Maybe you have to add a kind of Fee to the transactions that only can only be used to build renewable energy systems for Bitcoin mining or other systems to collect unused energy from other sources for mining
    I mean would you forbid steel, because it needs a lot of energy? That’s the price you have to build cars, skyscrapers etc…

  6. i almost sold all my eth for tether last month but now i’m glad that i actually didn’t. thanks for your video

  7. The question is : can we used an old car to won a race by changing its parts. Because this is what is ETH 2.0, an old famous car trying to catch up with more advance technology. I still have a main concerned for the long term future of ETH 2.0, the average person would prefer a cheap gas fee. I don’t think comparing BTC and ETH is relevant. It’s better to compare ETH and others L1. I have some eth so I wish the best for eth 2.0 anyway.

    1. Couldn’t you also say “If you replace all the parts of an old car; is it even the same old car.” Replace the roof and all the walls in a house is it still the same house?

  8. 7:00 “Not your keys, not your crypto.” Mean while, you don’t even keep your keys while staking on the Beacon Chain lmao

  9. 00:10 “the most anticipated even in digital assets history” mean while, Cardano and Algorand have already been Proof of Stake and you keep your keys while staking their perspective coins

    1. Exactly, what matters at this point is Gas Fees and traffic. Pulsechain will have all of the ERC20 coins copied + pennies for gas check it out

  10. Let’s get one thing straight – eth will never flip btc – in fact, due to Eths security risks, slow speed, cost and it’s misclassification as a security will all lead to an eth funeral within a 5 years. Before your rant at me just memorize these

    It’s slow
    It’s costly
    It’s not secure
    It’s Not a commodity

    All facts

    1. You seem knowledgeable and grounded on facts. I can appreciate your points. What is your perspective on Cardano Vs Ethereum and Bitcoin, long term? I feel like there’s a lot more thought and work put into ADA long term..but what keeps it so low?

    2. ….eth was created by crooks and used by crooks since it’s inception – it won’t be around

  11. Omg, Ben starts his video by talking about “predictions”! Why does that annoy me when they call their guesses that? I’m excited about the merge. These delays keep pissing me off. They shouldn’t have target dates. Man this will be great when Eth flips $hitcoin, it will plummet and I’ll become a btc whale like how I’m a Luna Whale now 😂🤣

  12. Also he said “we’re in a bear market”! If the silly little $hitcoin halvings makes the prices skyrocket, why wouldn’t the eth upgrade do the same? He said it’s a triple halving and in the same breath, said it was a bear market 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. Even if it does merge the price is going to tank. Same thing happened to Cardano… This will be the biggest “buy the news” in the history of crypto.

  14. Why didnt they just rebuild the network with pos/pow like some other chains and native low fees on POS with a switch mechnism better than relaying on L2s for that, L2s IMO should just be used to improve speed, abract functionality.

    We seem to forget the retailers help built crypto to what it is today. The shrimps like myself have been here for a longtime, paying high gas fees hurt us the most, whales can bare it.

    The most immediate fix should have been in fees, many other L1s already know/have this! But seems ETH only care about the whales and VCs interest.

  15. I do not know why, but I have never seen prospects for myself in Ethereum, so I have never sought to invest usdt in it.

  16. What will keep them from being hacked or crashing like most L1s that are proof of stake? There is a blockchain out there that solves the trilema and maintains a proof of work model which currently is the most secure which is why bitcoin still reins supreme.

    1. @Becky Light I wasn’t talking about BTC, we all know BTC is not scalable. That said it is still the most secure. Ethereum is secure now, I am doubting it remains that way. I am not a bitcoin maxi but I haven’t seen proof of stake done where I am not a proof of work maxi. Look I ant to be wrong, there is room for different layer 1s.

  17. I somehow managed to buy a huge ETH bag at $700-800. I spent every single USDT I had. Looks like it wasn’t a bad idea.

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