Ethereum Surpassing Expectations (Bitcoin Gaining Ground In Bear Market)

Today we will be discussing Bitcoin market reaction as U.S. payrolls data for July comes in at twice the estimated level. Next we’ll talk about the recent spike of interest in the Optimism smart contracts and the implications of the coming update and last we’ll talk about Indian authorities freezing $8.1 Millions dollars' worth of funds on WazirX.

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Ethereum Surpassing Expectations (Bitcoin Gaining Ground In Bear Market)

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  1. “Influencers” like to say we’re going lower to sound grounded. And smart. And that they’re not a degen moon boy. Same as the peak bull when 100k was our 10k.

  2. i think zk rollups will be huge especially optimism but no one talked about the tokenomics. check out the token release schedule

  3. If all these millions of ppl left Cali how tf has housing demand went up, those two things don’t make sense to me

    1. He’s overly bearish still as these guys all
      Are. They want to seem smart and grounded. And they’re wrong

  4. As ALWAYS, I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS! I’ve been watching Ben Bitboy crypto since early 2018, (I think 2018, if not it was 2017) nonetheless, Deezy, you absolutely shine In your current role bro!
    For real bro, your SENCE of humor IS (in my humble opinion REALLY the best in crypto right now! Keep up the great work, Ben, Deezy, Frankie Candles and crew, love y’all and from listening literally EVERYDAY for 3.5-4.5 years I have LEARNED SO MUCH!

    Thank you all, cryptocurrency needs you, the future, WE need y’all

  5. Lower the number of guests ffs, this show is always a total mess, everyone trying to speak and shill his BS…2-3 guests max

  6. I’m running a crypto bot and I use the money it generates to stack approximately the top 20 cryptos I’m working on a 5-year plan where I continue to stack the top cryptos and hopefully land in a decent bull rush to cash out so I’m cool with sitting through this bear market it allows me to stack coins a lot faster and hopefully it will pay out, in the end, I started off with those stupid stimulus checks and I just kept stacking so I started with found money anyways and I let my 401k do its thing so worse case I finish with my 401k but it would be nice to top out a good bit higher than just that

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