In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest news.

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  1. I haven’t watched the show yet today but I’m guessing that ETH isn’t really in trouble at all lol.

  2. God has moved on to a much less ambitious project called ETHEREUM after his MAGNUM OPUS called BITCOIN.

  3. Any project with a premine or an ico is going to go under the microscope and I will be surprised if they aren’t considered securities. Bitboy keeps playing checkers.

  4. lol Bitboy is cool for those just learning about crypto. When you’ve been here for years, the coolness fades and you can see through the spin.

    1. Good point. Yet I still watch cause he covers a lot of topics even though the educated I get about the space the less I agree w their opinions.

  5. All the SEC has to do is offer safe harbor to ETH, XRP, et al. Gensler is not allowing this for his political aggrandizement. Investors would be allowed protection and projects would be able to prove they are not securities in the long run through safe harbor. Innovation would be encouraged. It’s as simple as that but it does not fit Gensler’s sledgehammer agenda.

  6. This might not be a popular opinion but I don’t think the Iraq War was about oil. I think is was about sending a message to that part of the world. Control your radicals or we will tear your countries apart. JMO. Keep up the great work Ben, you guys rock!

  7. love the content. everyday watcher for 2 years, but that’s made me really see how much Ben has become so full of himself

  8. Sell all your Ethereum for Cardano/ADA since Ethereum is on a decline wanting to be what Cardano/ADA already is but cheaper, faster, and more secured. Ethereum against Cardano/ADA its days are numbered.

  9. Definitly we Will have another leg down. Not sure if btc Will hit 10k, but at least 14, Will

  10. Bitboy isn’t meant to be your guide to when to buy / sell this channel is essentially the crypto news network great for keeping up with current events just know what you’re using it for

  11. Its so crazy how much bitboy has lost weight in the past year in a half!! motivating cryptoly and physically! haha

  12. Eth might be the best investment or the worst…. I am missing some critical analysis about the realizations and delays so far. For the rest nothing but love

  13. Was really hoping to come on and see BitBoy blast Valle for his new 50k XRP proposal lol. Being a big face for XRP that he has I really hope he doesn’t turn it all into a “joke” for new investors with where he is in the community.

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