EXPERT Calls For $250K BITCOIN!! (POWELL’s Secret Meetings With POTUS)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto .

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EXPERT Calls For $250K BITCOIN!! (POWELL's Secret Meetings With POTUS)

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  1. I like your channel, it’s pretty informative, but these clickbaity titles and thumbnails sicken me to death. As for 250k prediction, we’ll get there, but I’d love to buy btc for cheap one more time. Got enough usdt stashed to buy the fkc out of btc if it hits 26k once again

  2. Haha.. this one’s for the tombstone. “Died believing (expert opinion) BTC will hit 250K. Expert buried 2 Graves south.”

    Yes it’ll eventuality hit 250K.

  3. Come on man don’t Throw shade on XLM ! Akon will not be too happy with you right now! Seriously XLM solid technology

  4. Well I listen to your experts advice and waited to BTC 100k so now I’m in the red thanks guru

  5. Frank candles is always bullish, your show can do without him because he is not honest about trends.

  6. I’m still wondering how this channel doesn’t have 1billion subscribers. They spit facts . 🔥

  7. Anyone ever think about how Ben is the majority share holder of Pluto alliance? And how he is probably still getting the majority of his own yt revenue 😂😂🤡

  8. Not quite long I join the platform,, it been a good progress all the way..thank you so much Mr Charles Robert I appreciate the great Job

  9. “Too young to be a fan of Top Gun”?? Come on now Ben. I’m 37 and Top was/is awesome!! haha

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