EXPLOSIVE Short Term Portfolio REVEALED (2 Coins to Add IMMEDIATELY)

ETH has exploded and the market is in a relief rally?! But what effect has that had on last week's portfolios? In today's video, Ben gives an update on his $1K, $10K, and $25K portfolios while covering two coins you need to add immediately to grow your portfolio in the short-term and long-term.

0:00 Intro
0:08 Portfolio Update
3:02 SAND
5:39 OP
7:59 Coins To Consider
8:22 Conclusion

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EXPLOSIVE Short Term Portfolio REVEALED (2 Coins to Add IMMEDIATELY)

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  1. That’s the Ben I’ve been looking for!! Thanks for the guidance!!! I’m definitely doing this with 5k to start with, wish me luck

    1. same here:) .. mine is set up like his except i am running more eth and substituted VET and CRO for sol and ftt

  2. This is brilliant… I really like hearing your reasoning and strategies. I am learning lots… be blessed

    1. Supply can be limited with infinite potential as currency

      A coastline from San Diego to Portland is a finite distance of 1082 miles, if you measure it with a ruler that is one mile long.

      However if you measure it with a ruler that is one foot long, the distance increases by several miles.

      If you measure with a one inch ruler, the distance increases again.

      With every smaller denomination of measure, the total finite distance increases.

      You can measure with infinitely smaller rulers and render an infinitely longer distance between San Diego and Portland.

      This is also how Bitcoin, with a finite supply, can be useful as a global currency.

      It’s not fast enough though, so there is that.

    2. Just remember.. he won’t show you all the hidden gems.. he’s only showing you the stuff he’s invested in ONCE HE ALREADY BUYS THEM.. he holds a lot of other stuff but won’t tell you because when he wants to sell .. he will pump it on here.. BE WARNED

  3. AWESOME! Thanks Ben. I’ve been watching you from day 1. Only mistake was going all in on xrp and not diversifying into your other top picks. Will not make that mistake again this bear/ bull market. I missed out on alot of $$

  4. I really like the way you explain your investments in the three portfolios. This is going to be fun, and a good learning experience. Thanks!

  5. This is what make your channel the best channel out there, right here is useful and real info on actually information that people use

  6. Definately like seeing those 3 different strategies for different entry prices in one video… much easier to follow up than to watch 3 separate videos of each!!! This is why you guys are my go to!!

  7. Love what you are doing here! Appreciate the awesome info. Can you tell me on what platform you set up your portfolios and haow do you track them?

  8. Thanks Ben. The problem is, unless you’re over 100 dollars in profit, it’s not worth swapping or selling out. The exchanges never offer the rates we see on coinmarketcap and by the time you’ve paid their fees on top, we only get a fraction of the perceived profit.

  9. I like your content these days. You’ve evolved! However, how would Optimism not possibly have high potential long term when it was pretty much the first mover L2 on Eth?

  10. Love this serie! Please keep this up.

    My problem with Sand atm: It seems to be in compression right now. I’d rather wait for it to pick a side and play a backtest. If it gains 1.46 for example, i’d buy it at support. If it breaks down I’d pick it up at about 1.00
    My problem with Optimism atm: It had a huge pump without a backtest, also it’s losing momentum a.k.a. bearish divergence. I’d pick it up at ~0.95 though

    I think the risk factor is a bit too high to step in right now without strong confirmations.

  11. Love this series and hope it continues I really wana see if you can hit all these targets! I’m in👍, thanks Ben

  12. Man please keep doing this. Awesome content, there’s no better way to interact with your viewerssupporters. Thanks man.

  13. When you sell do you put all that money into the next coin or do you put money back for taxes? Or do you worry about all your taxes at the end of the year from selling? I’m not sure how to handle that part of crypto yet.

  14. In my opinion this is the best content you have produced for the smaller investors like me because it lets us see you put into practice a lot of the things you have talked about over the last few years on the show. I also appreciate the transparency that you have transitioned to which was pointed out in that CNBC article.

  15. You should definitely have some NFT plays, especially in the 1k and 10k pools. It’s the one space where you can make 2-10x in days/weeks. Good content 💯

  16. I consider myself as a rookie with crypto and I absolutely love that form of videos! Please keep it that way as long as possible!

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