EXPOSING Crypto Scammers & BITCOIN Gatekeepers

It is about time that scammers exposed in the space. Ben lay out the dirty laundry that Celsius has been sitting on and the truth behind the CEL token.

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EXPOSING Crypto Scammers & Gatekeepers

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  1. Wow! This is terrible! The whole lending and staking process is screwed up!! People would have been better off if they would have put everything on a hard cold wallet. Now we have to wait and see if there is any more fallout from the other lending and staking situation.

  2. I will never use any of those defi places, never again. I used celsius them moved it to nexo was on that for about a year, but now have taken everything off that too. Stopped staking beginning of this year, lost over 10G. no more degen. no NFT crap, no meta. Maybe in a few years when it actually does something . but no more of this extraneous crap scam, pyramid, rug pull, pump and dump. For now anyway

    1. Celcius wasn’t defi they were cefi. All these issues lately have all been cefi platforms. The major defi protocols are all still up and running. Maybe the silver lining would be people stop being lazy and trusting third parties with their coins. If you want yield then go to aave or curve etc.. directly instead of trusting another middleman. If you’re not using your keys then you don’t control your coins.

  3. People tend to put blinders on during bull runs and follow the crowd without researching or thinking things through. Crypto is an experiment right now and most are just trying to be first to market while sacrificing security and scalability. Anybody can see that defi and algo stablecoin projects trying to shell out 10%+ would not be maintainable and would result in runs especially during a bear market and unregulated space. It’s also still a little too early to try to be championing yourself as the one trying to prevent scams and shilling.

    1. RH also gave the green light to the traders to totally wreck the HEX price after saying “def not pulse in May”. ooof.

    2. Richard Heart is one of the biggest scammers in the space.

      Just like Bitboy is “exposing” them – after he profited from them all. He is a scammer too.

      Every single one of these scammers, past, present and on-going were called out by Bitcoiners.

  4. respect ! RH told people months ago to get out of Celsius and others as you know. Nobody believed – I respect your fighting against Mashinsky, hope you proceed!

  5. Hope all who had crypto on celsius gets there’s asap. I was so lucky in getting mine out in December. Please be careful everyone and remember: not your keys, not your crypto.

  6. Since you had promoted it, maybe you should have stayed more into the know on the risks they were taking. Maybe kept your audience in the know. You are an “insider”. YouTubers say they’re not financial advisors but you guys know you’re influential. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt even if it doesn’t sound like it. I didn’t invest in this thankfully.

  7. Lesson learnt don’t trust anyone including Ben, he’s so quick to point the finger at others but he was more then happy to scam his viewers with shitty projects

    You didn’t promote them because you trusted them you promoted them on your Chanel because they paid you !

    It’s about time you felt what it’s like to get scammed
    Now you know how everyone else feels that’s followed any of your advice you’ve given out on your videos

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