Today we will be discussing Fantom's DEI becoming the next stablecoin on the chopping block to lose its peg. Next, we'll look at what became of the 80k reserves of Terra's UST and what comes next for the blockchain. Lastly, we'll talk about Meta adopting and the lightning Network and how it might be implemented into Meta's ecosystem.

is your favorite show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the . Our four experts include Gareth Soloway, Crypto Keeper, Sin City Crypto, & Johnny Hopper. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Gareth Soloway:

Debate Crypto:

Sin City Crypto:

Johnny Hopper:

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  1. Sincity was extremely. Do Kwon helping out with another stable coin means he got experience, how is that shady?

    He took this and tried another with the knowledge. It had a flaw, that’s why their are multiple versions.

    1. Idk it seems too soon. Lotta ppl got burned by this and its hard to rebuild trust. I think timing will matter but who knows.

    1. @kingrclrg they say the same about this channel… everyone’s a clown no one knows whats really going on.

  2. Bank of England announced inflation will peak at 10% this year but yall fuding, screw this fud

  3. Facebook sucks. But if they accept Bitcoin it will be good. Bitcoin is number one in my bitfinex portfolio.

  4. Within 4 hours there will be a positive trend in the wall street stock market, it is time to pump luna and ust so that their price doubles and help the savers who lost their money, help me and buy luna and ust with 10 dollars and Let’s pump the crypto with ust

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