Fake Rally Before Mother of All Crashes?! πŸ’₯πŸ“‰ WARNING to Crypto Investors βš πŸ‘€

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Hey there, fam! Crypto Casey, here and I'm on a mission to enhance people s endures #crypto education. In this essential video we talk about Michael Burry's market prediction and how the plays into accelerating inflation and ultimately a possible fast and unpleasant market crash! Let's jump in!

CHAPTERS (Enjoy to the end!).

00:00 – Intro.
01:05 – Michael Burry & The Big Short.
02:00 – Last Hurrah for Corporate Profits.
02:40 – The Moon: A Cold, Dark Location.
03:05 – The Bullwhip Impact.
05:05 – Cyclical Acceleration of Inflation.
06:30 – Input Expenses Increasing.
07:15 – Efani SIM Swapping Security.
08:30 – Burry's Bullish Investments.
10:45 – Crypto Investment Analysis.
13:05 – Burry's Bearish Investments.
15:15 – Conclusion


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SUBJECTS: Michael Burry, The Big Short, , what is the bullwhip impact, supply chain concerns, market crash prediction, bearish market crash, credit default swaps, business bonds, quantitative easing, quantitative tightening up.

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DISCLAIMER: The information consisted of herein is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as financial, legal or tax recommendations. The material of this video is entirely the opinions of the speaker who is not a certified financial advisor or signed up financial investment consultant. cryptocurrencies presents significant threat of loss. The speaker does not ensure any particular outcome


Be safe out there.
Crypto Casey.

Fake Rally Before Mother of All Crashes?! πŸ’₯πŸ“‰ WARNING to Crypto Investors βš πŸ‘€

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  1. It was crazy a month ago I was in Walmart and there were toys everywhere. They were stacked and jamed everywhere . I figured they were last years Christmas that just made it in . There were other things as well . There was so much product in the store . Stacked everywhere. I never saw so many trash cans in my life . They only thing that was low was food .

  2. Well…, that was very interesting as well as informative. I’m no expert and this crazy pump on crypto has me concerned. I actually stopped DCA-ing and just pumping cash into USDC. Gonna break out the popcorn and enjoy the show. πŸ˜‰ Love your content! Thanks again. ❀

  3. I’m still using your DCA strategy as I believe the mess we are in won’t last past next year, and hopefully much money can be made.

    1. @Crypto Casey yeah I learned my lesson I was gonna dca after seeing ur video but got scared of dca with coinbase cus of high fees and investing only low. Panic sold on coinbase pro as a noob πŸ˜‚

  4. No one is covering this bear market quite like you are. Thank you very much for this video and fabulous information πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ’―πŸ€©

    1. @Crypto Casey I was feeling really bullish, then I saw your video. I will only Fomo a quarter of my cash bag now. Thank you for reeling me back in.

  5. Michael is a genius. I listen to what he has to say and watch what he does. He’s a realist…

  6. The latter of your monologue describing the future (crypto) was right on, so let’s continue holding on.

    The centrifugal method of separating the pathogen, in crypto currency, the pathogen are those being separated from the strong.
    One thing we must always realize is all this occurrence are moved or held in place by humans by the hands.
    And lastly, you were smart by including Warren Buffet.
    Situational awareness.

  7. Thanks for the vid Casey.

    Although, I think this is overcomplicating things some. There are very solid technical analysis models that are probabilistically accurate in indicating an exhaustion of selling in both traditional markets and crypto. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

    It’s more likely than not that this is a bottom so any long bets here would be a smart and marginal risk.

    1. We still got one more leg down before we hit a bottom this is just a bull run in a bear market before the major crash

  8. Top notch info you were the one who originally taught me everything about investing in crypto thank you for the great content

    1. Thanks for letting me know you find the content helpful on your crypto journey πŸ™ Be safe out there

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    ❀ Be safe out there.

  10. I never like when people’s guesses are called predictions but this is a bit scary. This might be different those. Yes they’re calling for a recession but it’s at the same time as inflation but it was caused by the Rona, NOT high unemployment or low consumer demand. Hopefully Ethereum pumps hard before the crash and brings the market up with it as well as renders $hitcoin obsolete

  11. Sweet as vid as always. I have never felt so positive about anything like a do for crypto. Excellent time to get stuff together and get sorted .Cheers CC I love and look forward to your vids

  12. Thanks for all the hard work you put in. It is hard to see the present situation and equate it to the bullwhip affect. There are odd factors in play but Burry is a bit of a nut.

  13. Thank you Casey! Here’s something to consider… my preference is to listen to your presentation without music added to it. I’d be better able to concentrate and process what is being presented.

  14. I think the big selloff will start when the Fed comes back from recess..
    Until then I think BTC will generally consolidate. The next announcements from the Fed and interest rates will be the tell on which direction the market takes.

    Re:input output costs.
    Gas prices are falling fast, but it may be too late for that to have a positive effect on markets.

  15. Well Done! Nice presentation of Michael Burry’s opinions. Yes, he got the ‘Big Short’ correct, there are lot of prognosticators who can point to a previous ‘I got that right’ and then not so much going forward – so he should be one of many to triangulate your best moves going forward.

    I have little cash, never have, prefer that my capital be in things that produce tangible products or services or known good rate of return (e.g. I Bonds this year). My crypto is not in hodling, but in a few products/services that will targeted at the 2nd and 3rd world users. 1st world users have stable financial institutions to invest in on going companies that though cost/revenue challenged have a strong base of consumers (airlines, fuel companies, pharmaceuticals, etc.) I am not looking for home runs, just singles and doubles over the long term.

    Again – Thank You Casey!

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