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0:00 Intro
2:03 What is Phemex?
4:33 Spectate Top Traders
5:07 Phemex Academy
6:36 Phemex Testnet
7:41 Conclusion

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Fastest Way to Major Gains!

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    1. hahaha burst out laughing here😂😂😂 bear market its not helping bitie boy, crypto is not helpoing at the moment, but you can!!hahaha, plus you got the personal whatsap, for doubts 🤣🤣 ill get one pretty sure, like a fine


    1. Bro, there’s no way to avoid paying taxes. Paying more taxes is a good sign. That means you’re making money. It’s a good problem. Good luck.

    2. @jperez0015 yup TS how I try get the msg across… Having to pay tax is proof of success. I wish I could pay million in tax, I would have better than a million in my account!!!

    3. @Raunchers except in Australia where the criminal tax theft entities come after people for “Washing” when they do that. (of course only the normal and small people, they leave the giant corporations/companies alone).


    2. @TheFeezy777 Damn, you are all in…I like most of your holdings :-). How far do you think Eth pumps by 2025 or so? Do you think it’s going down after the merge news?

  1. We all just witnessed Mr. Armstrong sell out. But I am looking to start trading after watching Bitboy for a year and a half learning in this space.

  2. People should keep a eye on the economy in 30 days China will have the biggest default in there economy there house bubble popping can cause one the biggest black swan even that also go hurt the American market that well also the time when we getting 3 quarter report which is going to show American companies down sizing big hit to happen maybe September or October have money on the sideline alot of thing are going to be on sale and if you lose your job I hope for the best for you thing would get better

  3. I use Phemex, market cipher and Lux Algo…this past week, I’ve made 5 trades for over $1100, using 3x leverage with $500

  4. Those of you new to trading, please don’t go “all in” right away. Practice with $50 or $100 to start. Use 2%-3% of your portfolio max per trade. Learn how to win trades with low risk before going for bigger wins. Also, Lux Algo and Market Cipher are great tools to guide you. You’ll have to pay for those though. Good luck.

    1. literally just came down here to say that. What happened to so more sponsored content. You cant tell me this isnt sponsored by phemex

    2. Money is short in the bear market 😀 And who knows maybe mr. Bitboy Crypto really lost some bucks on Celsius…

  5. damn i really wish i knew that when i just started to trade on bitfinex… anyway, thanks for the strategy bro

  6. Been watching this channel for years…I don’t care if Bitboy Crypto is getting a kick back for offering this knowledge. Colleges tout and market the reasons choosing their schools is the best way to go. To me this is nothing more than an unboxing review of a product…a measurement of pros and cons on this platform. Guess I’m not paranoid, my arm isn’t being twisted to jump out and use this tool. It’s my choice. Yours too so relax.

  7. Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire in the future, and one way to achieve that is by having patience and being a risk taker so to all who listen to this video I’m encouraging all you to explore more not just in one project but make sure that it has potential that will give you a lot of opportunities like in MetaVersus. Citizens there would be full of experiences and opportunities.

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