FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE! (BitBoy Is Building A House!!)

On this week's vlog, we get a sneak peak into the EPIC new home that Ben is building. There's also further proof that no other channel works harder in when we see how Ben spends his time off stream.

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FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE! ( Is Building A House!!)

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  1. make sure you have a ton of solar panels and a few windmill generators when solar isn’t possible and maybe do what someone pretty high up just did…install a 2500 gallon propane tank for heating and cooking…and a huge concrete wall to keep it all

  2. Hey guys, I’m currently looking into the issue with the video – apparently it’s an issue with mobile viewers. Thank you for your patience! – Editor

  3. All the common folk looking at portfolios that are crushed right now, and bitboy decided to blog about the new house he’s building from scratch. Lol great timing bro 👌🏿😂

    1. I don’t blame him. If you had any amount of foresight you would know that you could use the current bear market to be in a similar situation as Ben in just a couple years.

  4. Congratulations!!! Ignore the hater. I don’t have much but working hard to be where I need to be. It inspired me to work harder. Again Congratulations

  5. Really cool to see yall helping people with cars and stuff. The House is looking pretty dang nice. My goal in crypto like many others is to gain that sovereignty and financial security for my future. I have absolutely no plans of getting rich but if I’m able to get to the point to get away from the usual rat race and I own a decent home within the next 8 years or so I will consider that an ultimate win and anything on top of that to help some people would all be a gift from god

  6. Shameless! Showing off the house he is building out of shilling bad crypto projects to his audience, and taking money from the creators. Hope Karma will find you soon. Reminds me of Carl the moon!!!

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