FTT and Solana are DEAD To Me (Pivotal Crypto Mindset for Gains)

Ben is back and with a vengeance! In this week's portfolio video, Ben gives an updates you on his $1K, $5K, $10K, and $25K portfolios, and makes a huge change to his $25K portfolio… FTT and Solana are OUT?! Stay until the end to learn why Ben is ditching those coins, and also to learn what coins he'll replace them with!

0:00 Intro
0:22 Portfolio Update
1:22 FTT and Solana
2:10 D.Y.O.R.
3:03 How To Decide What To In
4:46 Ranking FTT
6:00 FTT's Flawed Philosophy
8:52 New $25K Portfolio

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FTT and Solana are DEAD To Me (Pivotal Crypto Mindset for Gains)

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    1. The dude owns XRP. Surprised he covered it at all. Has no issue with 50b coins, 1b of which is dumped onto the market every month but hates SOL that has a supply of 400m.

    2. @Bat Pangolin🔧 he doesnt hate these 2 coins for tokonomics. Hes saying it should be considered, not the final decision.

  1. I’ve been paying attention and dumped my sol and ftt a long time ago. Algo and now, thanks to you again, Ben, hbar, are two of my top performers. Cheers! <3

  2. I said no to Solana right away when I saw how many times it had failed, and of course the huge VC issue. No support to them period.. people gotta take a stance on these centrally controlled coins.

    1. Next bullrun you know who will care about those outages? No one. ETH fell over a few times at the start too. SOL will be 500+ next bull. HFSP

    2. Failed but still would of saved u time and money over if u used eth
      Most people are jaut betting on price but people actually doong things on chain all move to sol as it is fast cheap and does everything any other chain can

    1. Eth merge just did same for what ppl judge SoL as evil 🤣 it was already proved that now 40% of blocks on eth was created by only 2 stake holders 🤣 best is that SoL already did fix bots crushing system what weird noone dont talk 🤣 they already also did open shops in NY and Miami and get ready for next year launching own Crypto mobile phone “Saga”, they own NFT market already compleatly crushing there ETH and they are still in beta 🤣 – so its same as a beta baby is comoleatly ruinning big boy ETH. Cant wait to see all that crying of ppl who did listen that FUD bro about sol and was dumping when “Saga” come out and basickly they will be 1 block chain what accualy can put own chain in real life use 🤣 or when they get out from beta as already now they are the fastest chain existing 🤣 by the way also weird noone didnt mention SoL last year was the most agresive block chain investing in technology 👍

      But lets go even more forward and compare SoL to ada real use as i already did mention SoL is already crushing ETH. Well how many of you know that ADA real users (not traders) of apps is only 50.000 🤣 best part that comparing even block chains users where SoL users are counted in hundreds of thousands and when “Saga” come out will be in millions, ADA apps is for real using only 50.000 ppl – one of worserst games in google store have more users than all apps on ADA and rest of price is just speculation done by traders.

      So yea ben maybe should make own reserch better 🤣

    2. They are serious so he’d better be careful even though I don’t trust SBF either – Alameda and FTX withdraw huge funds just before Celcius, UST and Luna crashed. They were the straw that broke the camels back in several cases, then looked into bailing out….

    1. He’ll make another video 2 months from now thinking we forgot about this one and be shilling sol and ftt. I’m buying more.

  3. #BitboyCrypto Great video, actually your best one ever. Showing that you have morals and you standing by them, GREAT. Now just stop advertising and mentioning all these centralized platforms, we all have to stand together and make them disappear.

  4. I basically only use Solana to buy NFTs. Can’t hold on to it anyways, always a great buy on an NFT! As for FTX, they stopped allowing me to direct transfer from my bank account, so they became useless to me pretty quickly. Only on Coinbase now

  5. I’m no fan of SOL but I have to acknowledge it is a relatively low risk with decent expected returns. ADA would be my top choice on philosophy but for me it’s a long term hold for multiple cycles, I don’t see the gains matching SOL on the next bull run however.

    1. For me ADAs tokenomics are deliberately designed so you don’t get big prices because Charles really does want ADA to be the crypto for the unbanked. Solana, however has tokenomics designed to rocket

    2. @Steven Jones hmmm, 60% on anything except btc counts as ‘all in’ to me. gala seems okay, i’m picking it up in bits but its in my high-risk bucket. theres something about the chart that doesn’t sit well with me

    3. I’ll just add that I would never have usually bought a coin like tsuka, but me and a mate who are both desperate to get out of our jobs we don’t like, we’ll he got some on day 1, I went in with fomo lol, and so far it’s the best trade I’ve made.

  6. RBIF is a project that makes me feel secure with the money I have invested in. They have a clear roadmap, reasonable marketing strategy,… convincing enough for me to invest in the project

  7. Until the cryptocurrency tends to zero, I cannot say that it is dead, especially Solana, that is still in my wallet and for which I have spent a fairly large amount of usdt.

  8. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now too. I could make money off holding them but don’t like what they stand for as a company so haven’t really bought any.

  9. Yes, the right mindset is totally and fully committed to decentralization. It’s the only way forward, and very few understand. Thanks to bitboy for bring this to the normies & newbies

  10. Illuvium is a 5 in all those categories. However, less than 20% of the coins are in circulation. The game will be out soon. Hope some of you will come join the community!

  11. He’s added an ALGO investment strategy, an Eth and ADA Strategy, a CBDC strategy, along with the monetary bucket strategy …. Now he’s doing a Solana strategy …. Why don’t we just use a dartboard 🎯 😂

  12. I respect your opinion and I think that in a way it’s right but XRP is no different. the problem with the SEC was forced upon them. almost all the cryptos dont utilize their utility for the general public, its still too early. any bull run will pump BTC, XRP, ADA, SOL regardless of what they are doing since institutions will pump it. crypto is around 3-5 years of being ready to serve real life applications. Solana is the most performant one for now so it got a good chance of being first. hopefully ADA will catchup with Hydra soon. Ben, crypto is all about the hype, we are not there yet BUT everyone who put money in right now are early adopters which is great. about Sol, XRP and FTT, it’s fine, ETH, BTC, ADA, ALGO, HBAR and the majority of cryptos are coming from different philosophy (so they say), the more they grow, the more exposed to government they will be. its fine. keep making awesome vids!

  13. It sucks that I have to be cured with the knowledge that I could make gains in my portfolio, but can’t do it because of the scum that are behind the project! 🤬

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