HARDEST Bitcoin & Altcoin Collapse In HISTORY!! (Coinbase Loses $430 MILLION)

Today we will be discussing the latest CPI report and the state of the and how it affects the crypto markets. Next, we'll look at Terra's CRASH and epic meltdown! Where does Luna go from here? Lastly, we'll talk about Coinbase's Q1 report showing a massive loss of $430M.

is your favorite show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four crypto experts include Altcoin Daily, WendyO, Mine Your Biz, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful .

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HARDEST Bitcoin & Altcoin Collapse In HISTORY!! (Coinbase Loses $430 MILLION)

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  1. BTC holders DONT SELL AT ALL black rock and the likes will just buy them up I’m telling this whole thing is not normal and the plan is in play. Oy vay

  2. People saying don’t sell lol , I sold n took small profits , that was the best decision I did, if I buy now I will be buying at much lower prices meaning my bag is almost doubled , this is still going way down

    1. yes true my rule is when my investment get double I take out initial amount and leave profits as moon bags this space is no gurantee of future

  3. feels like there is plenty of satoshi’s to be made hope everyone can makes it through this market rainbows for sure on the other side

  4. You didnt think they wouldnt shake this out multiple times before they take the leash off? Holding strong since 2018 not worried about it. Sucks to look at the number but not scared

  5. O lance é o seguinte, se as outras crypto não ajudarem a Luna a se recuperar, o problema vai contaminar todas as moedas. Risco sistêmico

    1. concordo com vc na parte do medo que passa pro mercado como um todo- mas as outras moedas, pelo menos essas stable coins grandes como USDT BUSD ou USDC sao pegged com mecanismos diferentes e com um market cap dezenas de vezes maiores que o da Terra… se começar depeg em USDT podemos vender tudo e correr pra Selic

  6. The problem is…silence is necessary. Stop pushing projects for view and likes. Stop casting your pearls to swine!

  7. with this fear and uncertainty for luna right now, it’s definitely a good signal to get in at the moment.

  8. Thank you for having me on today! It’s a tough market right now- _but when going gets tough, the tough get going!_

  9. I just see masssive discounts. Dont care about my ‘losses’ ive got plenty of cash on the side and ive not lost any coins, just the value is down. 😛

  10. Not worried, not scared. I think this type of shock to the system is necessary and part of the course of crypto getting stronger. We’ll flush out and fix these issues, make the network more secure and stable .. in the end, it’ll all be good.

  11. Avoid panic selling and hold $AWC to open profitable positions. This is the purpose it was designed for

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