Today we hear a fascinating story of one of BitSquad members – the Dent Family. These guys managed to turn $300 into $1 Million business!

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  1. So Happy for all of your success guys🙏🏼

    Keep pushing through. Nothing great in life worth having comes easy💯

  2. I LOVE this. Also, Frankie’s studio lookin clean as an interview studio 💪💪🔥🔥. Keep this type of content a’comin!

  3. What a wonderful story! My highest regards to this wonderful couple who with hard work and proper knowledge made the American dream come true!

  4. Hi Ben,
    I watch only two channels Ben one is yours and the other is Altcoin daily.
    I am soliciting you for some off the record advice on how to proceed from here with my funds and cryptocurrency.
    I’ve been taking profits over the ears and seemed to be doing pretty good with some sound decisions although recently I have learned to invest from 40 coins down to 10 maybe even five, which after listening to your advice makes more sense having less coins allows you bigger moves in those coins.
    I missed the top last cycle because the top was not near what we expected and therefore was never able to take profits because The crypto market continued going down down down with everything else.
    I need to pull 2K out a month to add to my SS payments as I am retired with no other income. I only pull a little from each during this bear market as I am in for the long run and refuse to panic even though I am down 80% .
    My coins are all in the top 100 with little or no BTC/ETH.
    I am heavy on MANA, ADA, XRP, SOLANA, Uni, Link , DOT, XTZ, ALDO and CHZ.
    If I were your best friend, what advice would you give me?
    Thank you for all you do and of course some OTR advice based on above information.
    Steve H.

    1. I’m in your exact same situation and was hanging on too!! Should have taken at least 50% off the table on Nov last year just to be safe because the money I had made was critical to my personal financial situation. Big lesson for sure !!

  5. Dammit Ben!!!!! This was beautiful and inspiring as hell. I’ve been in since 2020 and I’m holding strong….I know what it is to only have $300 to throw in…not even at one time….Great stuff!!

  6. So nice to see people that put in the hard work even in the face of failure persisted to peruse their dream and eventually succeed. God bless!

  7. It’s nice to see patience pays… I started investing in mid 2021… and it’s been rough so far… but I’m still DCAing and holding. Fingers crossed 🤞

    1. It will pay off, just put as much as you can into top cryptos (BTC, ETH) over this year and in 2025 we should see the peak of the next bull market (4 year cycle). Enjoy.

    2. I feel you man I start investing as we were coming down from the 64k high and didn’t take profits when the 69k high came in. Sitting around a 70% lose but just keep putting that money in slowly and getting those averages down. We’ll make it.

    3. Send me a message, I’d like to give you something more profitabnormally..

  8. You’re a good wife. In 2019, when bitcoin bottomed, I begged my wife to allow me an extra $500k I had on the side. She called a Citigroup guy and put it into the stock market. Had she done that, we would have made nearly $10,000,000.00. You are a faithful wife. Good for your husband.

  9. Great story! A big lesson here is TAKE PROFITS. It’s great that they were able to parlay that into a successful business.

  10. Team Dent is a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit and good old fashioned American grit. A true inspiration!

  11. Great advice. Love these folks and their story. Congrats on your success. I’ve only been in since early 2021 and it hasn’t been easy. I like your analogy of planting seeds and letting them grow as well as enjoying the journey. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!👍

  12. This all is a great representation of the American way and I appreciate your hard work and success. We’ve never seen a time when our system was allowed to work freely. The banking cartels have controlled everything for too long.

    1. I know someone who got rich on a penny stock scam. Maybe we should all take that approach to wealth and freedom too

  13. Good for these folks. I hope to make life changing wealth myself in this bear market. I hope they have all the success in the world.

  14. I have a feeling you have provided many others with these type of success stories. Nice work Ben, love the content 👍🏻

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