How To Navigate SHOCKING Low BITCOIN Supply Levels! (CPI Report Shows 40 Year High!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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How To Navigate SHOCKING Low BITCOIN Supply Levels! (CPI Report Shows 40 Year High!!)

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  1. AVT was up 283% a couple days ago. How come the bitsqaud didn’t tell you about this coin? Because they don’t know what they’re doing.

    1. 7million Market Cap and down 65% from the pump. One could say the same about other coins, like Tari for a 384% pump as well.

    2. @sami suomela This channel claims to be the hardest working channel surely they’re crack team can research some gems.

    3. @sami suomela yeah but AVT is a Coinbase coin, it’s not like it’s on some shady exchange. Even I could see it was due for a pump. My point is, this channel has no interest in seeing people do well because if thier subscribers get rich they’ll no longer watch this channel for advice

  2. Happy to be here in the bear market. Love the channel. Please come back to Vegas for another meet up. ❤❤❤

  3. Dudes I’m £200k down. Ive Hodl’d as youve suggested for a year . Still holding but losing confidence in your suggestions . Bet you lads all shorted in January . You must have your still multi millionaires

    1. @Crypto cartel my heart says sell everything but my conviction says hold. I’ve only sold my 2 coins but that was capital for my pool. That was back in December

    2. @Evan Ron I sold one coin matic polygon I still hold 26 coins 😬they never reached there targets ,I will hold until ath again ,thanks for the reply

    3. @Crypto cartel got to start somewhere. Whether it be 1 coin or 100000 coins. I’ve got matic as well, but I’m staking mine

    1. @Evan Ron No show but I have over 20 years of TA experience and like I said it’s an embarrassment that the TA on the show is so amateur.

  4. Deezy I did the same thing with my doge at that point in time too. Then invested into coinbase and then locked it into eth2. I wish I could’ve traded little more in hindsight. I didn’t expect my eth to be locked into staking still… cmon eth2 launch

  5. Comprehensive as always, but I still don’t know what to do with all my usdt I’ve accumulated over past months. Wonder if we crash again or onlu go up from now on

  6. I watch this show everyday there up. I gotta know the thought in the reality of money and investing why would whales sell or really intelligent investors ever sell to take a loss? It doesn’t make sense how every token takes a downward spiral as if everything is taking sell offs. I really want to know from others how does this work. All of us holders still not selling and we are minnows compared to the whales. My Gut is telling me there are huge manipulations happening in the market. Take a look at bitcoin as the main point. if you bought what bitcoin was worth at the start of a week and then sell it off on a sunday i noticed you would make around $2000 a week. Thats really the good point maybe to understand that holding for the future is the best strategy but imagine shorting through the weeks to make the gas money.

  7. When will Bitcoin start to grow? This question interests all its holders, including me. While I am accumulating usdt, I hope that the crypto market will have a trend towards recovery.

    1. @Judy Pauline Smith I earned it all since I started trading and investing through Mrs Sarah Mary Mears services and guidance.

    2. After I got my first 300K trading with Mrs Sarah Mary Mears. I bought a new House and I’m now able to send my kids to a better school in the states thanks to mrs Sarah Mary Mears trades. When someone is straight forward with what he or she is doing people will always speak up for them.

    3. I know Her, Besides who doesn’t know Mrs Sarah Mary Mears in the states 🇺🇸 and in the UK 🇬🇧 I made my first million trading with her services, she is a good woman that has Changed my life forever!

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