How to Turn $3.2K to $313k with Crypto (Altcoin Degen Tales)

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice. Digital Assets are highly volatile and carry a considerable amount of risk. Only use exchanges for trading digital assets. Never keep your entire portfolio on an exchange. ben armstrong bitboy

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How to Turn $3.2K to $313k with Crypto (Altcoin Degen Tales)

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  1. My advice to anyone feeling the heat in this bad market, is to start trading in long term more than ever!! If you can then get a professional to trade for you I think that way your assets are more secure. I invest with expert keet and the profits is great even with the dip…💯💯

    1. I agree, most people think that investing in crypto is all about holding till it rises, with the recent crash in the market we should know that long term price predictions are very difficult to achieve. Trading with Mrs keet made me realize that rather than gambling on long term investment and still lose in the dip, it’s better to trade crypto on short and make profit, i trade under her too.

  2. Why would you direct your viewers to trade where 99% of the coins are scams? This is why I can’t take your channel seriously.

  3. Gonna start showing your few viewers y’all have left “how to lose their money on meme coins” lol what a joke

    1. Working with a financial professional can actually help you prepare for life financial struggles. I’m glad I was able to call my coach Marcia Ann Bice since I was actively cashing out from my portfolio >>and finally made over 370k just in the first quarter while everyone else was crying about the downturn. early this year……

    2. With the help Mrs Marcia Ann Bice I’ve gained perfectly well from my investment. The quantity of capital you invest, though, ultimately >>determines everything. With a substantial start-up budget, you could be able to earn more

    3. Thanks for sharing this, I just made a Research on google about the woman you mentioned and after going through her website, I can tell she’s a pro. I wrote her and I’m waiting on her reply>%

  4. Meme coins are a gamble but worse cause you cant sell when they go up. Their network freezes when the meme coins go up and you’re stuck until the collapse flat.

  5. 3 steps to becoming this type of a millionaire. 1. leach off your boss since you are a nobody. 2. Build a group in the company to back you as you are still a nobody but now also a narcissist. 3. Steal everything from your boss because you still are a nobody and a narcissist but now are a worthless crook also. All for the money and ego.

  6. It amazes me greatly the way I move from an average lifestyle to earning over 63k per month, utter shock is the word. I have understood a lot in the past few years to doubt that oppor-tunities abound in >>the financial markets, The only thing is to know where to focus….Thanks so much Marcia Ann Bice….

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