HOW We Could See A $14,000 BITCOIN (Major Altcoin Upgrades Compete With ETH)

Today we will be discussing traders eyeing a possible $14K price as a possible target. Next we'll look at the new gas fees being implemented on the Solana blockchain, and last we'll talk about YGG & Merit Circle DAO coming to agreement and avoiding a possible legal showdown.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, , , and the . Our four experts Cryptostache, The Factor, Crypto Taco, & Sin City Crypto. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.


The Crypto Factor:

Sin City Crypto:

Crypto Taco:

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HOW We Could See A $14,000 BITCOIN (Major Altcoin Upgrades Compete With ETH)

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    1. @Gregory Bates Because they already got their bag and cashed out. Now they make money off people watching them.

  1. I think we could possibly this weekend with low vol a drop to 15k , hopefully we can maintain the 20 and consolidate with a upturn ; time will see

  2. 3AC is a catalyst, USDD depegging might be another but USDD is only 700 million cap so probably won’t affect much of the market.

    1. It will. It’s not the fact that USDD depegs. It’s the collateral effects. It will inevitably cause panic sell on BTC and ETH, which will cause that other Stablecoins (USDC and USDT) will eventually depeg. Also, def’s are days if not hours from collapsing

  3. It’s sad that we are accepting projects that are centralized…Don’t get people rekt by shilling SOL. It’s what happened with LUNA

  4. Listen Solana having lower gas fees is like a toll on a highway having lower fees. What does that really do for the traffic? Nothing Solana will still shut down when it gets over used.

  5. Give and take on decentralization? Thats idiotic. If i want faster and centralized ill use banks!

  6. Crypto community that says they aren’t toxic are the most toxic IMO. I remember Ben before the 2020 pump. Nice guy and humble. I even like George. People who stay positive. Will always appreciate this channel no matter how big. Un-subbed from Wendy. Too much negative energy.

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