Huge Cardano Changes (Number 1 Crypto Next Cycle?)

Today we're covering this brand new dump that Bitcoin just experienced, the new Cardano privacy coin, and there are big developments happening to the Digital Currency Group.


(Coming 1/2/2023)

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Huge Cardano Changes (Number 1 Crypto Next Cycle?)

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    1. @Ready Freddy! I think hbarr will do what sol did in the next bull run. Definitely look into it. , It’s not a blockchain it’s a hashgraph and zero carbon. Have huge partners like Google. EDF and loads more. Good luck mate

    2. Bitcoin is our only hope, economically speaking. Ada is great and may make us some money but it doesn’t hold a candle to what bitcoin is, in terms of being a hard money and potential reserve.

  1. This whole conversation whiffed… Midnight isn’t a privacy coin, it’s a sidechain giving the user the control of their data, what information is shared imbuing confidentiality into the ecosystem.

  2. If not disclosing how much you own or got paid when advertising is a crypto, when will the sec going go after Jamie Dimon for his bitcoin claims??

  3. Charles played his privacy chain smart. I dont think he put a target at all.. just the opposite, They have a permissioned back door for regulators and administrators which i believe regulators will appreciate.

    1. @HGTPMichael Monero is 100% fungible & private. It is literally the only coin that exists that’s truly fungible. Look into it and compare. Monero is the only coin with dandelion++ that gives u IP anonymity. Monero can’t be stopped ever.

  4. Cardano will take number 1 in terms of market cap. It’s a question of when not if. The slow development will pay off long term.

    1. Maybe #3 again bit I don’t think it will ever pass BTC… maybe ETH but wouldn’t bet on it and ADA is my favorite coin.

  5. Where will all the crypto money flow when 90% of cryptos die… a big % to ADA…. if everyone at last year’s super bowl held ADA how many could each person hold ??

  6. <-- hodl stake and dca ada Only bitcoin is a more sure thing, ADA is number 2 baby, higher risk/reward. Eth number 3. Solana was on the list but at least for now is off the list.

  7. You had Ben slumped in his chair head rolling and falling asleep and Crypto Cro spitting into his bottle before he spoke every time. Pure entertainment lmao Keep up the good work guys and Ben get some sleep

  8. Go get ’em Bitboy! The XRP army supports you brother. It will be a wonderful day when these Billionaires are exposed for who they really are. Lying sacs of you know what.

  9. I said this before… I just wished I still had $$$ to DCA into ADA. With that said, I plan on swapping 20% of my ADA holdings for the Midnight token (dust?) cause I think that’s going to take off!

  10. VC likes the failures… FTX, Luna, and SOL (SOL hasn’t completely failed yet, but the blockchain has froze like 12 times in 2yrs… more than the top 10coins combined LOL)

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