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00:00 Statement video
0:53 and down pattern
2:07 JRNY Club Las Vegas Area
3:39 Stardust Store and Rewards
5:25 JRNY Club Rebranding
8:19 NFT Metaverse and Otherside Conversation
11:28 Planet XOLO Game
12:24 XOLO Gameplay
14:55 Last ideas

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  1. JRNY Club links: https://linktr.ee/jrnyclublinks
    JRNY NFT on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/jrny-club-official
    Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/JRNYclub
    JRNY Club Discord: https://discord.gg/jrnyclub

    00:00 Announcement video
    0:53 NFT and Crypto down trend
    2:07 JRNY Club Las Vegas Location
    3:39 Stardust Store and Rewards
    5:25 JRNY Club Rebranding
    8:19 NFT Metaverse and Otherside Discussion
    11:28 Planet XOLO Game
    12:24 XOLO Gameplay
    14:55 Final thoughts

  2. Tony where have you been man? You my first crypto Tuber who got me into crypto. Miss you man!!!!

    1. SRK which he shilled for weeks and weeks is down 98%. I would imagine he’s dealing with all the law suits against him.

    2. @AdamBev95 you are 100% right, most do it in bull markets to look like they are giving you advice to make money, meaning more subs and viewers. Bear market comes and they always go quiet. Youtubers are in it for themselves, thats just facts, and i dont blame them, make money, fair play. Dont want people to be niaive and think these youtubers are out to help you though.

  3. Something’s brewing behind the scenes 👀

    Partnerships are being formed. Plus, we have had a press release sent off to be published this afternoon.

    We’ll keep working #disruptive #blockchain #CICchain #CrazyInternetCoin #binance #altcoin.

  4. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  5. notice how this dude ONLY post videos after the market pumps. JRNY is a Fairweather crypto guy this day. hibernates when the bears come out, runs with the bulls

    1. He literally isn’t even talking about crypto in this video this video was made to update people on the NFT set

  6. I think an issue with the Xolo set is that ppl didn’t like the art and no one wanted to speak up. Or, if they did, they weren’t listened to.

    1. Do you think Flare Network will take over? nice update on tradlng, will check out. Delvin Musk.

    2. yea buddy time is just perfect for stacking buddy, day trading is the new earner.from texas speaking lol

    3. Am also a subscriber of his signals, the accuracy that comes is insane…Delvin knows his market

  7. Great update. Excited to eventually visit the club/gallery in Vegas next time I get out there. The Planet XOLO game looks awesome. I have not had a chance to try it out yet. Probably going to record some gameplay of it on my channel when I do.

  8. I’ve lost my money in your Xolo Club Nft collection. Was hoping for a lot more from you

  9. Awesome update! Keep up the great work Tony! The best parts imo is everyone will be able to play the game even if they don´t want to invest and many people even outside of the crypto eco will be able to learn from the space in the lounge in Vegas!

  10. Let’s see how this work out, I saw look forward to more excitement. Keep up with the updates, the physical location is good for NFTs. I have some ETH to spend from my trusted atomic wallet, which is decentralized.

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