me and Unbanked is taking the ideal steps to disassociate. RIETIUM – please do the same.
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    1. Haven’t watched him in years. Was actually impressed with how much better he looks. Maybe not “there yet” but doing good lol

    1. To an extent but not entirely. They do have the right idea of being 100% optimistic about crypto in general n tge industry is still nascent with opportunity for upside on a lot of it. But since last year we know a whole lot about shtcoins n scams n rugpulls n u gotta give it to them for bringing news even before it becomes news or a catastrophe. They have helped a lot of people steer clear of financial disaster too by that.

  1. This dude made so many people lose so much money. He’ll shill whatever he’s getting paid to shill. Like all of a sudden, he’s on ICP’s jock and now dissing DOT.

    1. Not financial advice, was it? They have made money n lost too n r learning too. Millions of us do rely on good sources of info on YouTube from such channels n this channel is one of the better ones coz the effort is quite good n cogent. N they have the experience of tussling in the industry for years

    2. @sun god no, certainly not you. Your response was very well thought out and correct. I was responding to the jo you were responding to.

  2. Idk Ben.. this is bringing a lot of negativity to your crypto space. If I were you, I’d let the authorities handle their business while you handle yours. You’ve publicly made your point. For the sake of your lawsuit against him AND the long-term ‘genre’ of this channel, I think you should drop this topic. This is America, I have my opinion. Note: didn’t say what that guy did was right, I just think you should go back to keeping this private. For the brand. 🫡

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