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  1. BitBoy back when you were hating on Ripple and the XRP army had my doubts about your intentions. You have came a long way and truly are the best crypto Youtuber.

    1. Things are definitely weird, this is the first large comment thread that isn’t a telegram/WhatsApp scam in years!

  2. There was a time when I unfollowed you and decided I didn’t really like you or your content delivery anymore. This week, that has changed. My respect for you has multiplied. Great to know that you’re on the side of the little guy and that you’re fighting our corner. Well done and thank you. Keep us posted!

    1. I should have been following you from the start. Again I listened to the haters and didn’t bother to listen to bitboy. How I was so wrong.😥😥

    2. YES! I didn’t get a could vibe from him but he’s stepping up big time. Subscribed. Support Liberty and freedom!

    3. @Jonathan Briggs Yeah, he makes mistakes and he does own up to them. You can truly see his heart is in the right place and ultimately he does care for the crypto industry and us investors. No one can call every coin perfectly and pretty much all crypto influencers/advisers have talked positively at one point about a project that went bust. No one is immune to this. However Ben is doing something that I haven’t seen really any other influencers do is that he’s getting his hands dirty and actually involving himself with the regulators to get us some fair and honest regulation. In addition he’s airing out the bad parties and trying to actively get them out of this crypto space, which benefits us all.

  3. Thanks Ben I appreciate all your efforts to bring these bad guys down. Just be careful man you dont know what means they will go to keep you quiet

  4. Watch your back big fella. I think you are biting off a lot here. These grubs have a lot to lose, and you appear to be the only one with the guts to pursue this. I totally respect what you are doing.

  5. this explains why the cel short squeeze was struggling. one of our whales got forced into kyc when he had already been full on kyc and a couple weeks later they started a fud campaign against him to tarnish him. we put out a medium article as well and it only stayed up for a few hours because it was pointing out FTX being the source of all the shorting of the cel token…

  6. Don’t stop fighting for us all Ben. Our futures and children’s futures depend on voices that encompass the courage, tenacity, and due diligence that will ultimately save mankind from where it has been heading for the last 20 years or so. The people FAR OUTNUMBER THE FEW POWERS THAT BE and if we’ll truly GET INVOLVED and make sure these evil bad actors get the justice they deserve we can preserve any semblance of society and hope that we have left! Don’t stop bitsquad!!!!!!!✌️🤜👊💪

  7. If something suddenly happens to your health Ben, I know that it was someone did it to you. EVERYONE SAY A PRAYER FOR BEN’S safety.

    1. Watch too many movies, nothing will happen to Ben, he’s uncovering stuff that anyone looking for it could have found. This is your basic run of the mill white collar crime. No one will probably go to jail and if the do it will be a few months in some country club jail or house arrest. Ben is playing this up like there’s some real danger BS!

    1. @Maynard He didn’t put out the big names, he shouldn’t have held that back….that info needs to be brought out, and quick!!!

    2. @Yakaki Yakaki if that’s true , since the same guy was responsible for the cheating / stealing money from from people in ultimate bet for millions of dollars yet still walks the earth? The world has gotten soft , white collar criminals and their victims aren’t prosecuted hard and certainly it’s rare for anyone to do anything drastic in revenge that would discourage the same people to continue stealing . If you stole 100$ from a street gang or resisted during an armed robbery over a phone or gold chain , your life is most likely over . However , how this guy still walks the earth shows how cowardly most of humanity has become as well as how corrupt the government is. Ben has absolutely zero to worry about , the thieves should be very worried, when you start stealing from someone on what should be a secure gambling site or an investment company that is stealing from clients , if the government isn’t involved at some level and these people continue to go without paying back restitution then they should not be breathing for long . Steve Bannon is one example that can steal a million dollars in money donated or appropriated for the wall yet be pardoned by the president . What does that say about the integrity of trump ? Yet 45% still think he’s great . Brian Kolfage who stole a lot less , a couple hundred grand pleas out to 4 years avoiding 20+ years .
      So it will be interesting to see if someone is going to put this thief in the ground or if the government will give him the time deserved in prison .

  8. Time to hire a security team. Thanks for doing the right thing. I have complete and utter respect for you! Keep fighting the good fight brother!

    1. Dude has a brick and mortar business that anyone can get to. He’s put all his personal deets out 😨

    2. I think George Soros with the backing of Mossad is behind this whole thing. Kanye West has exposed this tribe time and time again.

    3. @DeeZeed George is a despicable individual behind much of the world’s problems. The globalists do not want us holding and using cryptos. They will do whatever to drag down prices. They want us in their digital world to further control us.

  9. Respect to you Ben . We’re all behind you, thank you for your efforts in trying to protect the little guy.

  10. I always loved your content, but man all of these discoveries totally win the cake! I agree with you that what you’re finding out about the people involved, is really scary. So I really hope you and family stay safe.

  11. Please Be careful Ben. I always liked you because you are a down to earth guy and you have the best intentions for your community which you are very passionate about and also what you do and that’s why you got a lot of loyal followers. I like how you call out the scum. Thank you Ben. Stay safe and cheers from downunder.

  12. From the day I heard your story about your life before crypto and now your recovery and rise I knew you were one of us. Amazing content Ben and look forward to you being able to provide us with the rest of the story when your able. Don’t worry there are a million plus of us that got your back!!!!!

  13. I ll be praying for you, Ben! You re being more than a whistle blower. I had never thought you were so brave, and such a HERO! Thank you so much!

  14. Stay safe. You’re wise to ask your community to help with the research going forward so there is strength in numbers. Thank you Ben.

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