INTEREST RATE HIKE IMMINENT! (Crypto & Stocks Brace For Impact!)

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Rate of interest will get another hike and traditional and markets are worried. Will bitcoin and the stock exchange respond very negatively?

The Fed's Greatest Rate of interest Walking in 28 Years Could Be Coming -.

Joblessness article -.

Unemployment stats -.

Rate raises -.

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INTEREST RATE HIKE IMMINENT! (Crypto & Stocks Brace For Impact!)

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    1. Also higher rates means everyone gets approved for loans making everyone able to buy homes to just find out they got a loan they can’t keep up on 💯

  1. Great video. Feds will tap out around 2.25%. Homes are now 500k not 100k like in 1994, so the feds has to reverse course by September

    1. They won’t be able to. This is worse then when I was a kid in the late 70’s. The US and world doesn’t have the same foundation back then. Unless the government rapidly cuts spending, which there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell, the only way to reign inflation is to jack the interest rates and cut the money supply. We are about to experience this generations Great Depression.

  2. Dan, thanks for this video! Can you take a look at 1970’s, that is very similar to current situation as far as runaway monetary inflation, high oil prices… Thanks

  3. My grandpa always talks about the “good ol days” when you could get a chicken dinner for 50 cents. But then I have to remind him he was only making 50 bucks a week…

    1. I hear that ! but it was more than simple money, it was quality and value – that chicken would have had a better life and better food, allowed to develop naturally without the use of hormones , on the plate it was tastier and juicier , your sides and gravy were free .. you would have been enjoying it with your wife who had not spent the day dealing with the pressures of work to make ends meet and your kids who were not hooked to a vid screen and able to hold a simple conversation….

    2. @James Chestybond not exactly. The 50’s is when they starred processing food and treating live stock like garbage

    1. I hear ya , bank interest was 10.5 at the start, but we were entering the decade of greed and in the end the reserve bank of australia had to raise them to 21% to break the back of inflation.

  4. Record vacant homes, More homes going on market, and low mortgage applications the housing market is about to crash

  5. We definitely should be ready for impact!
    Craig from CS just pointed out that We will see 0.18 Cardano during this market.

  6. The housing market is in WAY WORSE shape then it was in 2008. Sub prime lending, short term arm loans for ridiculously overpriced assets, and inflation punishing the average person will lead for the biggest collapse we have ever seen.

  7. Mate I was paying 27 percent on the business overdraft once upon a time during the recession we had to have in Australia lol

    It fascinates me how people nowadays can not afford to pay mortgages at three percent can’t afford to live!

    Back in the good old days 16-20 percent bank mortgage was copable!

    No one liked it n plenty folded but most survived!

    No one would now!

    1. House prices were one tenth the price they are today. Cost of living was much much lower and not to mention income didn’t increase to keep up with inflation over the years etc. so yeah, not a very good comparison there.

  8. You have a positive attitude to everything, and I appreciate it! Thank you!!
    It is important to look behind the scary headlines.

  9. Nice report bro, I always appreciate your review of the market, ADA the darling of the bear market…..

  10. There is a massive housing crash coming to Canada and other parts of the world. The USA does seem better in comparison but could the other markets collapsing have an echo effect? Good or bad?

  11. They are doing this on purpose.
    Increasing the interest rate serves to save more and spend less ! ?? What a paradigm !
    That’s exactly what they expect, and by lowering the prices of cryptocurrencies, stocks … they are creating an opportunity to accumulate more and more at a very reasonable price. Don’t let them do that !

  12. I don’t understand why this is such an important thing !?
    In fact, it is, but in the opposite direction. People need to see how dirty fiat is and run away from it by entering the crypto.
    This is a great opportunity ! God bless us all !

  13. Maybe not, some ppl saying we could rally if the fed does .75-1 basis pt hike so that it actually has an effect. The .50 wasn’t enough. 🤞

  14. Hi Dan, I’m from the UK. I really appreciate your balanced content and it differentiates you from others. However, at the moment I am worried about institutional liquidations eg celcius and the effect that will have. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you. Chris

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