Interest Rate Hikes FINISHED?! (Crypto War NOT Over)

What is happening with interest rate hikes. Will the back off of ? It's time to talk about , and the latest . All this and so much more today on Discover Crypto.

What We Discuss:
-Fed rate hikes
-Crypto charts
-Stablecoin takeover
-Congress insiders
- crackdown
-XRP enthusiasts

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Interest Rate Hikes FINISHED?! (Crypto War NOT Over)

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    1. I like it. or, the Bad Boys of Crypto. I’d watch it if they could be more sincere like their previous Big Boss. Didn’t you learn a thing?

  1. Please please do a rebuttal video to Ben’s video released today. You guys have become the best reality TV show I’ve ever seen. C’mon I know you’ve been loving the extra engagement. Youre getting more views you’ve ever had in the bear market. Even if it’s mostly to leave negative comments and dislikes😂

  2. Should probably keep the hat on there bud 🧢 must be a weird feeling knowing that your co-hosts are only waiting to make their exits.

  3. These people have no shame destroyed someone’s
    Life took everything he created and act like nothing has happened ..
    We’re this world has come to

  4. I was trying to keep an open mind and checked out significant portions of this and Ben’s show and I hate to say it, but you guys really need to figure out how to get Ben back. He was the magic – the content we can get a lot of places, but he brought the entertainment too. Hope you can figure it out with him but if you don’t, I think I have to go with his channel.

  5. Hoping that Ben gets his channel back. Even though Ben has done alot of mistakes in his crypto career, losing his business shouldn’t be one of them….

  6. This show seems so different after the recent scandal surrounding Bitboy. Like the whole sky dropped and the sun didn’t rise.

  7. What a sad show it has become now! I’m glad Ben has started over again and i believe karma will make its way in this situation. Ben gets some NFT’s! This is the way.

  8. The video has garnered 15,000 views, primarily because viewers were keen on reading comments regarding the unfolding drama. It’s rather regrettable that these individuals resorted to such actions. Instead of choosing to depart from the company if they were dissatisfied, they could have explored negotiations for their stake and a graceful exit. In a strategic sense, their actions have not only harmed themselves but have also tarnished the reputation of a well-known brand. This can only be described as a regrettable and non-strategic move, and it reflects poorly on the crypto community as a whole. What a shame 😰

  9. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
    being in congress has to be one of the quickest ways to become wealthy. Hard to vote out an incumbent and no accountability for insider trading.

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