It’s Over. – Nightly News WrapUp

In your nightly crypto wrap-up, we bring you the top crypto stories. Mr. Wonderful is set to purchase another Canadian crypto exchange while Metamask sends a warning to Apple users. The Ripple case against the takes another unexpected turn. Frankie Candles takes a look at the crypto market and provides a brief analysis.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:23 WonderFi
1:53 MetaMask
2:54 Frankie Candles Market Update
4:00 vs

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It’s Over. – Nightly WrapUp

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  1. Okay so it ISN’T over.

    Journalistic integrity? Credibility? Pffft, no just give me the clicks!

  2. Thank you for putting great time stamps

    Really helps me keep up when I don’t have time to watch the entire video, but I always do when I can! And like every single time

    1. Self appointed, it was a bad decision, however I think he realised his mistake and it was only a joke…..? Hopefully.

    2. @Mr Harry self appointed.. Lol wow. But I get it if a joke. I do like and appreciate his updates. And end of day the guy has been around the block.

    3. @James Robinson I know exactly what your saying.
      If it wasn’t a joke then self appointing yourself as that title is WOW, words dont do it justice….so I’ll go with it must have been a joke even though it really did not seem that way.

  3. Despite the lawsuit coming to an end, please don’t say its over until the case is actually closed. Good vid though

  4. I wonder if this “bearish” blood diamond♦will have the opposite effect, just like that “bullish” green dot🟢in December, right before Bitcoin dropped 30%. 😉

  5. He used to laugh at xrp last year I think he just goes with the trend
    Still love him tho learnt a lot and he does motivate me more than any other youtubed

  6. I am glad that the crypto market did not continue to fall, but began to recover. I keep investing usdt in xrp and hope next month will be bullish

  7. Xrp won’t go parabolic until the CBDC’s world wide rollout unfortunately we still got a ways to go.

  8. I even wonder how this news will affect the crypto market. Due to the constant fluctuations in the market, I am now thinking about buying something new on Bitfinex. I think now is the best time to take a chance

  9. Everything about the lawsuit is a lie until XRP price reaches its ATH. If Ripple wins the court today , may be the price comes ATH in several days and I am sure it will not be able to hold the price at ATH so long. The reason is , most of the XRP hodlers will get rid of their xrp holdings at ATH prices. The price will come back to max. 1.00 usd very soon. USDT and USDC have more chance to exceed 1.00 USD than xrp , I belive.

  10. Bitbuy in Canada charges for all transactions including etransfer deposits, it’s good if you don’t care about high fees. There are other fully regulated exchanges in Canada that provide a much better user experience, with no fiat or crypto transfer fees, only charge about 1% spread on crypto buy/sell transactions. My favorite is Shake Pay.

  11. I prefer newly launched solid projects like Concordium to waiting for an l1 like XRP. And they don’t get in trouble with the SEC. A regulation friendly l1 project. CCD’s price is also still cheap.

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