J.P. Morgan Just Bought Bitcoin

In todays video we will discuss the INSANE statements against Bitcoin from one of the worlds strongest Banks, JP Morgan. Next our team will dive into the recent statements about that have stirred major controversy in the next Presidential Election, and finally we go into what our next targets are for TOP Altcoins.

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00:00 Intro
03:00 JP Morgan Buys Bitcoin
17:15 BitLab Charts with Kelly Kellam
22:25 Futures Open Interest Soars to Billion
24:40 Transaction Fee Costs MORE than Average Global Daily Income
30:27 The Problem with Every Single Prediction IS…
33:21 ETF Hopium
35:08 Market Watch
43:53 Vivek Ramaswamy on Question About BTC's Use Case for Terrorists
54:51 TikTok's Parent Company ByteDance to Spend $5B Buying Back Stock
58:51 Rumor Has It That ETH Sell-Off by 3 Institutional Giants
59:50 DeFi Volumes Start Propping Up
1:02:06 Arbitrum Greenlights Grants
1:04:19 Q&A


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J.P. Morgan Just Bought Bitcoin

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  1. I know it seems very boomer, but everyone should consistently contact their representatives and advocate for them to be more pro crypto. The boomers call constantly and it actually can make a difference if you’re consistent.

    1. It’s not boomer. It’s called politics. Companies and organizations call it lobbying. About 52% of eligible voters actually vote this results with 25% of voters determines who our leaders will be, this should explain Trump.

      So I agree with your post. You are spot on unfortunately space probably has a lower engagement rate than the national average

  2. Guys…. Every day Kelly’s audio is messed up!!!! What is going on. Are you not all in the same building??? The “technical” errors are not good, why is it messed up every day!?!? I do enjoy the show but I had to give my little critique.

  3. You’re kidding me bro. JP just bought bitcoin? At these prices ?
    Anyone who thinks they’re buying now is a fool, enough with the click bait please

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