Janet Yellen’s Crypto Regulation about to PUMP the Markets (Ethereum Merge Pushed Back)

In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the top stories. Treasury Secretary, , paves the road for regulation. The thermometer drops for Celsius. And the merge to is seeming to take a bit longer than expected.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
3:01 Celsius
4:41 Market Watch

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Janet Yellen's Crypto Regulation about to PUMP the Markets (Ethereum Merge Pushed Back)

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  1. This is outrageous. Watching my friend’s and family be penalized for being US citizens. Perhaps renouncing citizenship is a good financial plan

  2. fiat banks, fractional reserve banks and central banks just need to go away. A bank should be a heavily guarded precious metal warehouse where people can store their gold, silver, etc. Separation of economy and state is desperately needed! Decentralize everything!

  3. audit the fed, audit joe lubin and how come no one is talking about willie and homer j having a class action against them

  4. “Consumers, investors and businesses should be protected from fraud and from misleading statements” Thanks Janet, can you please ring Gary Gensler over at the SEC and tell him too.

  5. Yellen looks like she’s bugging out, like someone is out to get her and she might just suddenly jump up and take off running.

  6. Awesome. Wrap up. Love revamp of your channel. Love when you take us with you put on to the ayreeys with real people. You should go live. Ask people round the way if they have any idea whats happening to dollar and even if they own crypto

  7. NGL, UNTIL I see Celsius swap in action, I just withdrew my funds. The address whitelisting needs to allow multiple addresses too. Was how I stake SNX and stable until now.

  8. It soumds as if the regulators want to limit the amount of interest for average investors so as to keep this class of people from becoming financially independent.

  9. hey Bitboy interested in your views. Since Jp morgan owns part of the infrastructure for eth, it is not decentralised, corrupt bribing officials (Sec) and now the guy in prison in north korea how has the price not dropped?

  10. Sir kindly make a video on paybolt
    Paybolt works on bnb chain,polygon and ethereum
    They have just made partnership with polygon .(polygon tweeted too )
    Giving utilities to 18400 cryptos in future
    Merchant wallet
    User wallet both out now

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