Key To Succeeding In The Dumps

It is likely that if you were teetering on getting out of – you are totally out. If you stay in, you will do great!

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Key To Succeeding In The Dumps

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    1. @B__W_45 crypto is about to see its first bear market of its very young life, it is going to be ugly. I expect bitcoin under 8k and if recession is bad enough it will go even lower.

  1. why not get out prior to the leg down as identified by ‘Johnny Candles’ then buy back at much lower prices ? does anyone think the crash is all over ?

  2. I’ve been following your advice for a while now. I mortgaged my home and followed your tips. I’m only $100,000 down but I’m still so positive thanks to your videos! My Ferrari is coming soon I just know it!

  3. Already locked Celsius, ada, xrp and eth with High APY farming pool on upbitfinance with remarkable rewards of total 237eth celsius, ada, xrp
    including free token and gems to claim daily’s.

  4. Thanks for all you guys do love the show hard times will pass just hold on dca on what you believe in do your dd,hw,couple of mins a day everyday couple hours a week comes a long long way we,you are so early to this I know it’s hard I’m down down down but holding strong an dca on what I believe in much love bit crew

  5. You are right Ben! In order to reap benefits from the crypto space is to not only invest in “Blue Chip” Digital assets but to continue to gain knowledge so it can be a win win situation! Loved you on EYL!!!!

  6. I am out .. and I have to tell you it’s nice to take my wife and kids out to dinner …
    Saying to myself how selfish I have been
    Trying to give them a better life you never know when you time is up … feeling g like a man again !

  7. Hustlers are the only winners in this space. Keyword to success: Discipline. Nothing more to it. 😉💰

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