LARGEST FED Rate Hike Since 2000! (BITCOIN Hits Cycle Milestone)

In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest news.

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LARGEST FED Rate Hike Since 2000! (BITCOIN Hits Cycle Milestone)

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    1. A broken clock is right twice a year. He loves to talk bearish stuff. Notice how much do we see him in bullish times… some, sure but not much. With that said, I think he’s right and hoping to buy more 😉

  1. Ripple are literally moving 2 blocks nearer to the Embarcadero. They could walk their stuff round……well we would in the UK 😉

  2. Stop talking about cycles. It’s not down because of a halving event or whatever. It’s down because of inflation, war, rates, recession fears, etc.

  3. Cowen is right a lot more often. He was cautioning bearish sentiment for a lot longer than Bitboy. And Cowen doesn’t act as if he knows what is going to happen for certain. He always presents both scenarios while making his assertions.

  4. BTC is already down 33% over the past year.. if it goes down more it’s even more of a discount sale

  5. IMPORTANT REMINDER: always have money on the side to buy these dips. I invest little here little there. I quit smoking so the money I used to use for cigarettes goose to crypto

  6. Hey Ben, love your passion, realize that’s gonna be trolls everywhere though so the Bitboy crypto fan club has always got your back

  7. You can just feel how awkward TJ feels when BB gets insulting and defensive. How long before TJ leaves because he just can stand it anymore?

  8. I’d like to see an exposé on Lizzy Warren and her donors & the massive conflict of interest mentioned today.

  9. Word Ben spot on with the tax collector/money changers bit. Our dude JC would agree

  10. Loving how realistic u are. We have been on downwards direction for about 6 months. I dont get how zhey dont see this. It is bearmarket. Dont understand how wendy, george are so bullish sayin it is not bearmsrket

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