We were live on the ground in the Bahamas to get answers from Deltec Bank about Tether (USDT) and the stability of the company and its reserves. We are searching for good responses that are favorable for USDT, Stablecoins, and the whole area. We talked to the head of marketing and interactions, and they want to set up an interview and have the thumbs-up from their legal team. So their story remains to be heard.
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  1. Careful, I fr fr pray our lord keeps u safe, bcus u know, when u become the little guy’s hero, u gain beef with greedy sketchy evil GIANTS. , beware brother fr.

  2. In other words….Woe Man! You can’t ask me that in public!……I got to get back in here and get my story straight before I can dodge any more questions from you….

  3. It’s great Ben that you are personally holding these people to account. But with respect,who is holding you to account. You did give financial advice when you categorically stated that your man in the know, told you that bitcoin was gonna be pulled at 100,000 and you stated to us your subscribers to get out around that time. You sounded so believable that most of the YouTubers took just saying 100 K top. So even when the time of the top came and went, you were still calling for us to wait until it got up to 100 K.. in essence, I lost more money, listening to your advice with Luna, Celsius and FTX combined, but you refuse to reply to me. In fact, you refuse to acknowledge me kinder. Just like SBF is refusing to speak to you.

    1. Didn’t your parents teach you not to believe everything you hear? Stop deflecting blame when you know who’s really at fault

  4. Another clickbait. You ask a question and she declines to answer. All you can say is ‘that’s fair’. You don’t have what it takes to get the answer out of her. No info here

    1. @ManManDoTrades hahahaha yes. This guy feels like a seriously agitated mind who has lost his btc (brain tranquility capacity) and has to resort to clicks to pay the mortgage on his new house

    2. ​@ManManDoTrades Because nothing has happened down there & he’s still pushing false narratives that Tether is legit. He’s gotten no answers although I commend his efforts for going down there

  5. Rules and regulations, eh? And first off, no face-to-face. Looks like only on-line submissions will be answered, maybe, if consideredf at all. Not fair. Not at all.

    1. I know Bitboy is atleast the only YouTuber trying to talk to him in person but he still lies to his followers about ETH and Tether

  6. It’s not a conspiracy theory when they’ve been caught without the funds multiple times 😂 I love your investigative work you’re doing, idk how you’re the only one! Just like XRP you’ll eventually caught on to the truth

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