MAJOR Bitcoin Volatility ($300 Billion Debt Rally!?)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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MAJOR Bitcoin Volatility ($300 Billion Debt Rally!?)

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  1. Bottom is in at 17,500 but we will go down to 13700 and bounce back until we get above the 200 and confirm.

  2. Ben did nail the time frame of Nov of 2021. I was waiting to get out during that time. I wish I would have. I also was expecting it to go up to the 100k level and not double top. We all got tricked on previous metrics for bitcoin but the time frame was more accurate than the price action. I learned my lesson.

  3. This is the whole point of Bitcoin. Either you will get rich with it, or you will go bankrupt. I don’t understand what awaits me yet, but I plan to hodl the Bitcoin I bought on Bitfinex until the end.

  4. Bail out everyone tell us inflation is the last administrations fault and change the meaning of recession its fine everything is fine

  5. ERGO and Flux are favored by miners over ETC especially with Flux paying parallel assets with each block reward

  6. Todays show was amazing! Loaded with content & Bitboy had me rolling 😂 Thanks guys I listen at work it helps so much 😎👍☀️🌴💚🍀✅

  7. Ben mentioned axie infinity and $SLP, can anyone explain to me how to set up to play axie infinity? Can someone under 18 play to earn? My son loves Pokémon and I think he would love this game but can I transfer in $SLP direct from the site I hold it rather than needing the ronin wallet particularly?

  8. Why have I been hearing “it’s oversold!” since 55k. Whatver thing people are getting that from it obviously doesn’t mean anything! And can go much lower.

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