MASS BITCOIN CRASH (LOWEST Price for Ethereum & Altcoins)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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MASS BITCOIN CRASH (LOWEST Price for Ethereum & Altcoins)

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  1. ben loves to pat himself on the back when he predicts something but when hes wrong he doesnt say much

  2. $81 to .013 cents in 7 days and still no floor in site. Ouch. My heart goes out to all involved in it. Not cool

    1. That’s really where doing your own research comes in , there was a big article last year questioning many stable coins it was focused on USDT but the premise held true that investigation showed they were massively over reported and not 1:1 or even close.
      Kwon also had also been implicated as Rick Sanchez in Reddit a year ago involved with Rick and Morty for BAC basis cash , so seeing as many thought him to be “Dirty Sanchez “ I never touched it.
      I really don’t like stable coins much as you need enough liquidity to protect the peg and how could you realistically against someone like Bezos or Musk if the really wanted to crash you.
      It’s the whole reason I never invested in micro strategies also , Saylor if Bit drops to 17k and he gets margin called it would be ugly.
      Investing is fine but you can’t bet the future of a company with shareholders or investors on your investments because people didn’t buy stock in your investments but in your company .
      Investing your money is fine , investing others money is not.

    2. Still shaking my head in disbelief. And no, I was not invested in the ecosystem but even I feel devestated.

    3. @Spencer Johnson all companies use shareholders money to reinvest in other assets Lol thats how they hedge their business and shareholders money

  3. I’ll actually throw bb a like for the commentary on blackrock and vanguard. Look into their transactions

  4. Sp that percentage drop will be worse we haven’t even seen the worst economic conditions due to the current world environment bit coin will never replace gold gold is a way better bet atm

    1. Exactly. The people who bring negativity here are the same idiots who took his information as financial advice and got rekt. Never heard of DYOR I guess.

  5. I use to really care and listen to Ben ! Now I just laugh at everything he says! It’s became a comedy show rather than a crypto channel

  6. I’m confused…. I could swear bitboy listed Luna as one of his power plays in his “million dollar portfolio” just a couple weeks ago 🤔

    1. Have been skeptical of Bitboy at times too but this is just petty. No one was predicting this.

  7. How can you apply those downside projections based on the past when the topside projections from the past did not rise to meet the expectations?

  8. The guy who said bitcoin would never go below 47k again is “excited for the bear market” when bitcoin is 26k.

  9. I’m in the another lower low camp because we had such a big monthly RSI+ Stoch bear divergence. Then a lower low before this drop. Until I see strength in the weekly/monthly RSI+ Stoch I am bearish. I MADE MY 1ST PURCHASE TODAY IN BEAR 4X $50 OF lUNA AT 0.0078 TO 0.011 CENTS. GOT 17+k lUNA. JUST HOPE THE PEG HOLDS AND GOES UP THEN I’LL BE A MILLIONAIRE!

  10. The answer is for everyone to put aside their differences and completely evacuate this system. Live out in the country, grow your own food, quit using their currencies, quit listening to mainstream media and become as self sufficient as possible.

  11. “We never promoted Luna…. We just did a coin of the month video on it” -Bitboy and his stupid logic

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