MASS LAYOFFS At OpenSea!! (Is USDC In Trouble??)

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MASS LAYOFFS At OpenSea!! (Is USDC In Trouble??)

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    1. @Gregg Paige Turner he sold close to 4 billion XRP that he was given in the beginning. I wonder why that guy gave 10,000 Bitcoin for 2 pizzas? Sometime people do dumb things 😆

  1. Honestly, how can you expect to be taken seriously when you say eXpecially?! This is an epidemic in crypto YouTubing and it should make everyone think twice about listening to any of these people.

    1. Why does it matter? Will you understand more of the market if that word is pronounced correct? Will you rather listen to someone with less knowledge of the market but will pronounce it the right way? You completely lose your eye of the ball her…

  2. I’m starting to think they want the bear market so they can just say I told y’all this would happen.

  3. When I first heard Ben saying we are in the bear market, I thought he was wrong. He was right, but he had said we were still in the bull market into the new year. That is my only criticism. He should have stuck to his initial target of November, even though we didn’t get to 100k like most people thought. My take away is follow the charts and drown out the other chatter. I think most of us who spend the time to understand the cycles, learned a valuable lesson.

  4. Buy the same amount every week, don’t look at the price 👍 Hold Looong-term, and you’ll be good

  5. Consistently some of the best and most diverse discussion in crypto and such a small amount of likes, is this also a sign of people getting to the giving up stage and the market continues its move up

  6. When everyone thought we were going to 100k I knew we weren’t. Whenever the confidence is high btc does the opposite.

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