MASSIVE $1 Billion Liquidation (Crypto Exchange Disaster)

Today we will be discussing $1.22 billion in liquidations as Bitcoin falls below $23K. Next we'll look at Binance Resuming BTC withdrawals just as a of a fresh class-action lawsuit is filed against them and last we'll talk about BlockFi,, & Coinbase all laying off hundreds of workers amid the high market volatility.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, , , and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include That Martini Guy, Joe Parys, Arcane Bear, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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That Martini Guy:

Joe Parys:

Arcane Bear:


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MASSIVE $1 Billion Liquidation (Crypto Exchange Disaster)

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    1. Eth won’t be secure when it goes proof of stake to centralized.bitcoin yea it’s slow but it’s secure and simple and less fees and decentralized and a digital gold. Eth is for smart contract, bitcoin is a store of value or payment peer to peer.

  1. Aleph Zero $AZERO. High speed, privacy layer 1. Early days yet but could take off with enough development.

  2. What about Binance is closing accounts in Latin America , no body is talking about that .. people are getting very upset

    1. @Larson Wellard yes I have a list of people that are giving me there concerns and is no way to comunicate with someone in Binance to op[en the account and get access to take crypto out. Im talking with a USA attorney Scott Warren in California to make this case … I can give access to the chats that latinos are frustration

  3. Ben, I am a huge fan but you have Guy all wrong.
    He actually does interviews.
    I have seen them.
    Honey is sweeter than vinegar.
    Stay strong bro but rethink this.

  4. Xrp have a huge community it makes sense for Ben to be pro xrp he wants that community tuning in

    It’s a numbers game

  5. Bro don’t hate on coin bureau cuz it’s more professional than this show. I watch both of you religiously, no need to put them down even if it’s a paid actor it doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, or that alpha isn’t legit. They’ve been right about 90% of the time, plus I’ve never seen coin bureau shill a coin. Can’t say the same about BBCrypto.

    1. Right I agree Guy is great and very professional I really don’t ever get hopium from him. This channel has good content I watch it daily but there is a lot of bullshit to wade through here

  6. Ideal time to buy bitcoin – never. I am buying CRP cryptocurrency now. It’s fully decentralized and doesn’t care about regulators

  7. Everyone should FOCUS on POSITIVE— all this titles on the AKA (ONLINE-disaster) just hurt CRYPTO–

  8. Sooo…. Why the Crashes and Liquidations if Crypto is supposed to be the ultimate hedge against Inflation everytime inflation goes up?

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