Massive BITCOIN Indicator! “Worst Is Yet To Come”

markets react negatively to FED news as falls lower, regardless of any current rally that remained in play. As crypto and markets approach completion of the year, inflation, interest rate walkings, and FED belief is not looking excellent for rate and cryptocurrency and financial markets. Last but not least, this shocking bitcoin chart in relation to bearish market bottoms recommends another factor cost bottom may not be in.

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Crypto Capital Venture approves tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic property of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin price cost moves really in a very unpredictable method, there is much chance in being gotten ready for benefit and drawback. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. How long could crypto winter actually last? I”m in for the long haul but man…. Love your positive content😊

    1. Thanks for watching. I pretty recently went over the length of bear markets in crypto, but I’ll be sure to bring it up again!

    2. @Theodore Xavier not surprised you mentioned Eunice Berthold she is just so good and her professional strategies are really mind blowing. this is over a year i have been benefiting from her trading services.

  2. I’m ready for what’s to come, if we go up 1000 points, it’s only a 1000 points;going down is double and since we’re closer to the bottom I’ll rather go down and fill up my bags

  3. Imo: its more logical to bring btc higher first, before slaughtering it. Like 24-25k again and then the hammer..
    Imo: we rally into the CPI report and rally afterwards on more hopium (given favourable numbers).
    And only then the magic carpet ride ends.

  4. This is the hopium I needed. I’m still stacking cash, waiting, holding… looking for a big bottom. I hope I can hold out through the short-term up-side and not FOMO in during a short-term gain…

    1. DCA now dont wait u might miss out, and end uppå buying back inn later in a higer low. thers a IF and when a bigg bottom comes it will be back upp in less then a houre like the 17.5 bottom was so you will prob miss it anny way. unless u have by orders at lower levels

  5. The Bitcoin is alredy at record levels lows at the RSI on the weekly. atm theres no room in the charts for a fall like this. back in the 2018 the RSI was 45 when the bottom fell out.

  6. Knowing the world economy situation I don’t feel like being btc needs to capitulate, what people need to understand is btc has been trading under the 200 week MA for ages now. If your waiting to buy your gonna get shocked that it won’t bottom

  7. Keep tracking dude. I started buying cardano at 1.20, now it’s a third of that and I have reduced my value, but I believe in it long term and just happy buying more as it goes lower in the short term.

  8. The reason why I think you are wrong, Dan, Is because almost everyone Is expecting the bottom. Normally Bitcoin d’ora not follow the herd and does the opposite.

    Another important thing that you should stress Is that regardless the bottom Is in or not, we are in a beautiful buy zone for the long term. In my opinion you should put more attention on that…

    As aways God bless you!

  9. Hi Dan, food for thought, how do you feel about bitcoin being less volatile today2022 (ups, downs & time frames) and 2018 not having the eyes on crypto like today. Do you think this could effect the fib not being met?

  10. Tolles Video und einige ausgezeichnete Tipps!!Trotz des Krypto-Einbruchs danke ich Ihnen immer noch für die besonnene Finanzberatung. Ich habe mit 4.345 $ mit Aktien- und Krypto-Investitionen begonnen und seit ich Ihnen jetzt einige Wochen folge,

    Ich habe 18.539 $ in meinem Portfolio, vielen Dank, Frau Hadrick Jane

  11. I think that if bitcoin drops a little, it will be good. At this point, I’m just investing usdt in bitcoin.

  12. And for videos like this, is why i became your fan. I just avoid watching your videos with click bait or the ones about nonsense tokens. You’re one of the very best. Thank you for informing us about charts like this one

  13. Thank you so much, as always very helpful information. I have the same mind set as you . God Bless You Danny. Get better soon, stay well.

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