In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto news.

What We Discuss:
2:55 Market Watch
8:10 / Charts
18:35 Hopium!
30:00 Stagflation Ahead?!
37:30 BTC Whales!
48:42 Coinbase’s DAPP!
51:26 Buffett’s Bitcoin!
54:58 Metaverse Dispensary!
57:57 XRP Motion Approved!
59: 13 Quick Hits/Q&A

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    1. Tell me you’re a first year investor without telling me you’re a first year investor.

    2. Here we have one person caring about others, and one person being toxic for likes. The best and the worst of crypto in 2 posts.

  1. I know your predictions, so I left my usdt stash untouched cause market will definitely go down lol

  2. Thank you, Bitboy team for always giving us great info n wisdom. I love all of the team members, you guys all got great talent!! Deezy is my CNFT master but also I love his channel because he explains such difficult stuff like a manga story!! Thank you!!!

  3. Hopefully we stay down for a full year… that would give me sooooo much time to average in at these bargains!!!

    1. Hell yeah! The Party will begin for me.🥳🎉👍😅I honestly wish Bitcoin would drop down to 14k or at least 24k somewhere in June 2022. I’m dumping a big 💰 with no worries if at that level. That’s basically free money.

  4. 16:20 factual$$$ I love accumalation markets!😎💯
    29:20 shoutout to degens! 🗿
    43:05 🤌🏻
    44:30 crypto n00b haters be like👁👄👁
    57:50 lmao🤣

  5. Bitcoin is gonna dump back down to 26k before May 20 in 2022 this year. On 5/28/2022 Bitcoin will be down at 24k.

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