MASSIVE LEGAL TROUBLE WITH SEC! (Can Ripple Survive This Lawsuit??)

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MASSIVE LEGAL TROUBLE WITH SEC! (Can Ripple Survive This Lawsuit??)

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    1. If a crypto becomes a security would it mean that you could not do a wash( sell it higher and buy it back when lower)? No one has said anything about that? Please comment

  1. Tell me how a judge can make a ruling of LAW… About something there are NO LAWS that have been made yet to break?😲
    Time to WAKE UP people!

  2. Always buy a round trip ticket out of the country w/refund policy. Then return one ticket when gone 😂

  3. No way any member of congress or their spouses, should be allowed to buy stocks. If they really must make more money on top of the bribes the constantly take, there should be a Congressional etf controlled by a decentralized computer network

  4. Problem with something like Bitcoin handling an ETF for Congress is, it would probably outperform everything else on the market for them and we will still be in the same situation, lmao

  5. Does anyone think LBRY credits can reach all time high again it’s 200x from its high 🤯 and literally nobody is talking about it

  6. There’s no crypto law in the United States. Whatever the SEC says or do they are lying. They don’t have the power to regulate crypto. Its all FUD! KEEP BUYING AND HODL.

  7. Its so sick that I made money in e. Them i sell lose som. By again it goes. Sell. And now I hav 6 eth in 1100 iam glad and lower to alittel.

  8. Great panel today, and every day. Love the introduction of new crypto peeps and the best OG crypto peeps

  9. In Simplistic , Layman’s Terms … if a Coin is Listed as a Security or an Utility… what will that mean for a simple Retail Investor like myself that only has a few $k on an Exchange like coinbase or ftx … what effects will it have ??? Its like the word Security is pure evil and will make that crypto not a good investment ???

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