MORE Evidence Against SBF!

The game SBF played accusing projects of rug pulling, when FTX was the one who stole their coins is a FILTHY game!
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MORE Evidence Against SBF!

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    1. He paid off the politicans, the media could manipulate the news to make it seem he’s in a jail cell when reality hes chillin on the beach with all the money stolen!!!

    2. He’s not going to jail because he will “suicide” himself cuz of the political ties especially with the Clinton’s

  1. SBF should 100% face jail time. He rug pulled millions of ordinary people along with large investment firms. Many don’t understand the difference between crypto and what his scam platform did. I’ve had many conversations with people that tell me crypto is dead, using FTX as the example. I’ve had at least 30 different conversations about how this guy ran a huge scam, and spreading him from Crypto. The market took a big hit because of him, however it’s also a great time to buy in.

  2. Getting tired of everyone riding this horse, trying to push the price of BTC down by doing this.. yeah, we see you for what you’re doing Ben… thanks for bringing it to our attention but enough is enough bud… smh.

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