I discussed making this video or not. However if this remains in fact real, this modifications EVERYTHING we know about XRP, Ripple, and the SEC. Crypto is wild


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  1. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

    1. Come on guys we all have literally spitted the truth at some point in our lives 😂 The important part is the valuable message 🙌

  2. It is done. Ba-bye SEC. Settling on clarification/regulations for the Crypto Space as a whole ONLY. That’s the @Ripple way.

  3. If Ripple could outright win and get some sort of regulatory clarity we could see some juicy price action. XRP would be the only coin/token with such a legal standing. Also it would be great to see the SEC get dunked on. They have been unchecked for far too long

    1. @Quantifiably Qorrect let me guess, you’ve got bitcoin? Not really that interested in what you have to say to be honest

    2. @Quantifiably Qorrect 🤣🤣🤣🤣 with a project that isn’t special. XRP is everything BTC wishes to be utility wise.

    3. @Quantifiably Qorrect I read your comment in Goldman Gariiiii voice…gariiiyyyy is that you Gharyyyyyy

    4. Actually a full win by Ripple would give clarity to the whole crypto market as it would set precedent. Only a settlement would give clarity to XRP alone.

    1. Mark, Agreed but the older you get you will realize there are elite people they play by and follow a different set of rules. I hope I am wrong

  4. I said from last year, Gensler and the SEC has pissed of big Brad and he’s now going to ruin Gensler and the SEC.

  5. Makes sense….Brad said at consensys that Ripple spent $100mil in legal fees. No reason to pay settlement fines on top of that if they can flat out win 💯

  6. If the settlement deal included non-security clarity for XRP…..THEN it’s a bombshell that Ripple denied the settlement.

    1. No, it is not a bombshell!
      It is what has always been expected for Ripple to do! Ripple has 80+ years of security case law on their side! This case is and always has been unwinnable for the SEC. That was never the intention in the first place. It was to slow Ripples Roll and for Ethereum to gain market share here in the U.S. hence the weapon used in the Ethgate Scandal.

    1. What about bitcoin and Tezos they already fined Tezos for there sale of a ico and were allowed to keep on going!!!!!

    2. Sounds like congress is ready to give BTC and ETH the ol’ free pass. This case could drag out into 2023.

  7. I remember when Garrrrry was talking about taking a loss at some time and everybody was going nuts over it assuming it was all coming to a close. I also remember you saying that it was going to end last year Sept Oct, it seems your source wasn’t wrong. We all just didn’t count on ripple sticking their middle finger up and basically saying, “no, we’re going to end this our effing way!”

  8. If there indeed WAS a settlement offer made by the SEC, I hope Ripple counter-offered to pay a $10,000 fine if the SEC paid Ripple’s legal fees. Would have been a polite way to tell the SEC not just NO, but F You. (Probably a good thing I’m not an attorney!)

    1. My guess is that’s why the Ripple website says no settlement without non-security status. SEC just wanted their cut of $ but Ripple wants clarity out of all this.

  9. Perhaps the SEC wanted the settlement to include XRP is a security. Ripple would immediately turn that down

  10. I’m excited for the future and the success of Ripple and the XRP token. It will be massive. Stay patient and hold!

  11. It’s 100% expected. Think about it, the SEC believed they could win the case but they’re also driven by profit, so early in the case they make Ripple Labs a first offer on their terms where Ripple has to admit guilt, pay huge fines (as do Brad and Chris), and they still don’t have regularity clarity. Ripple look at it and say ‘thanks but we’ll take our chances in court’. Remember it’s almost certain there’s a dedicated negotiation team headed by Mary Jo White working behind the scenes and I’d wager several offers have been made but unless they include 100% regularity clarity for XRP, I don’t see why Ripple would take a deal, and I totally support them. The worse the case looks for the SEC after each motion loss, the better these deals will become until the point where the balance of power in the negotiation favors Ripple and they can dictate the terms to the SEC. We may be past that point or very close to it with the whole FND Hinman email trail motion, but there’s 1 thing we all know, those emails will never be disclosed. Lets hope Judge Netburn delivers her verdict on the motion soon.

  12. This is a very good news. This NOT only shows the confidence of RIPPLE but this is a huge selfless act on the part of Ripple because settling would probably mean a gag order which would allow the SEC to shake down the rest of Crypto (keeping the SEC pay-to-play games in play). The SEC wants a win but have probably been good with a settlement all along. Why? Cause they know with a settlement they can place a gag order (muzzle the facts) and then still go after other crypto projects (that they purposely misguided and left in the dark). The need to get back to protecting retail and identifying fraud on every level and out of the field of bank rolling their department with self created lawsuits.

  13. Ripple loved the extra time to get their overseas business running like a top, work out whatever kinks they had , win the case and explode. I believe everything is planned and the in the know people are loading up, savvy, wealthy investors are patient and tactical..JMO, patience pays

  14. Could be this debacle is being used as leverage in the current bill to move jurisdiction of most crypto over to the CFTC. Ginsler lost all leverage because he’s criminally stupid. If so, Ripple’s strategy in all this is impressive.

  15. Ripple said at the beginning they did not intend to settle. They want clarity and know they have the win. Ripple has always worked toward being compliant. This is old news good Sir.

  16. I’m always had a feeling ripple knows what the outcome is going to be likely they’re waiting for regulation to get into place rather than making a statement with a settlement or trial

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