Most Popular Scam In Crypto

This is the most popular scam in ! Never fall for it or click on them in the comments.

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Most Popular Scam In Crypto

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  1. never invest more than you are willing to lose. shaking the anthill is not going to solve anything. you’re clickbaiting (yourself this time) bitfudcrypto. you are an elite type even if you don’t realize it

    1. @Kerry Coates what BitBoy was doing on Celsius was he was using collateral loans to make more money in cryptocurrency with Also getting APY% high interest yields the exact same thing Michael Saylor does. I recommend if you want to make money with loans stick with fiat institutions even if they give you smaller APY% interest rates in your savings accounts. Then you can make money and not have it withheld by the bank your banking with

  2. You should have listen to Charlie munger he already told you that crypto is like you are going after for turds but you just didnt listen 😂😂😂
    now you are having a heart attack!

  3. notice how chill he was about the whole Luna situation, even telling the people to calm down and reflect and all that, because he didnt have exposure… Gets touched by the celsius situation and goes ballistic…

    1. Nobody knew what was happening with Luna at first, and they have been very good at telling people Luna prolly won’t go up at all, also idk if you just have no nuance of thought or what or just bad = bad to you but Luna and Celsius are two completely different situations that actually aren’t similar in any way

    2. Also your saying he was “chill” for Luna but does that change the fact that they said not to buy it, or is it somehow disingenuous because he is more angry at something he was more involved in?

    3. @Whiskey Sour how does that change anything lmfao also I’m pretty sure they were also in Luna lol but ok brother

  4. Man…you’re talking about everything minus what matters to us: crypto is crashing to 19K! C’mon Ben…

  5. I feel your pain Ben. You need to man up and be responsible for your decisions. Ranting is not useful, negativity is also not useful.

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