Must See Crypto Portfolio Strategy (Should You Buy The Dip?)

We're going to review our current portfolios so you can see realtime what moves we're making. You'll get an update on our ISO20022, $1,000, $10,000, and $25,000 portfolio. Everything is down a bit. Why? I also announce a new coin purchase you don't want to miss!

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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Must See (Should You Buy The Dip?)

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  1. Gavin Wood is not out of Polkadot, he’s changed roles from CEO to chief architect…. it’s really Bullish if anything having him back building.

    1. They know nothing about Polkadot 😂 you can buy $dot with 30-40% discount right now, polkadex is finishing its own dex, a lot of defi, interlay paracain (btc bridge), pns domains (

      Lol guys do deeper research 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  2. Big fan of the channel, feel like it wasn’t an update but icp shill on something that may just DASH out of sight…. But I’m tempted to get back losses on icp

    1. @Bat Pangolin🔧  I guess you don’t understand the tech and utility created by the co-founder and main coder for Ethereum, Gavin Wood. It’s all good, you do you but buying the better projects around the bottom of the bear market will make a lot of money, imo. Not financial advice.

  3. Been all over ICP. Shocked that it hasn’t pumped out of control…. Neurons and voting protocols with staking. Secured by ledger. If it dips anymore I am going in heavy. It’s literally a new internet. Tokenomics and bag holders concern aside. I would safe guard my project the same way if I were them. Too much at stake fundamentally here for a rug pull. Complicated system. For good reason. Love the project. Still learning about it.

    1. it’s much more innovative than other projects. Greenest, fastest, cheapest blockchain with the biggest team in blockchain yet people are sleeping on it.

  4. Gavin wood stood down as CEO in the same way Saylor stood down as from Micro strategy. To concentrate on aspects on which they’re better placed!

  5. Been following the project for a while…Toniq Labs just recently sent Ethereum over the ICP network…not sure if any other projects have done that…

  6. Maybe it’s time to invest more in wallet projects? Trustwallet, blockwallet… It’d be nice if we could do everything we do on exchanges in wallets and dapps right? Isn’t that where the space should be going?

  7. How come none of the popular crypto youtubers talk more about chainlink? It is by far one of the best projects and has a great team.

  8. I been invested in $ICP since it was $40 and don’t regret it one bit! Been buying more all the way down and profited in this bear market thanks to most of their NFTs

    1. You could be buying it all the way down to zero. There is absolutely no guarantee that ICP will moon in the next bull market.

  9. Gavin Woods Has NOT left Polkadot – Quote : It therefore means more time to focus on the stuff which I both enjoy and where I feel that I can deliver the most value to the company’s mission. I’ll be pointing my regained focus towards exploring how we can contribute to making Polkadot and Web3 more relevant to large swathes of the population.

  10. DOT has gotten a Software classification from the SEC and not a security. This happened just recently and it was a long time fighting. I think that’s huge right now in this environment. Correct me if I’m wrong but I just heard that.

  11. DOT a layer 1 some people say a layer 0 plus CEO didn’t leave he went back to building which seems even more Bullish imo. I like DOT especially at $5. 🤞 Heard Good things about ICP whoop whoop 👍

  12. Earlier in the year I bought some for close to $200 a piece. Lost over 3K on ICP. This might be the time to buy some and eventually recover some of my loss in the long term

    1. you bought at a ridiculously high market cap. It is now only $1billion in market cap. It will do very well from here in the next bull run.

  13. Good show, ICP Will do well I think, have been loading up quite a lot on it in the last few months. Metrics are all going up for that project.

    1. same been DCAing into it every friday for the last 3-4 months also picked up some promising NFTs from the artist ludos collection

  14. Gavin Wood moved from CEO to chief architect. Some people’s skill set might not be to manage so many tasks/ people but rather actually working on the project itself. I think this is good for polkadot. I see it as identifying where you can improve and then taking action on it. Long term bullish for DOT imo

    1. I’ve swaped 2 BTC but Binance loaded my wallet with over 290 ETH because of an error, it’s fair to keep the money? I posted a video with the error on my channel

  15. When I was ready to unfollow and write bitboy off, you finally have Richard heart and Hex the props it deserves. Good for you for standing up for the people who actually truly are good for the industry. Hex and Richard Heart are what crypto are all about.

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