In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the top stories. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce refuses crypto bailouts, Polygon takes steps to become carbon negative, and Citi bank jumps into the crypto space!

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:17 No Crypto Bailouts
1:54 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
2:53 Carbon Negative Polygon
4:00 Citi Bank Jumps Into Crypto

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  1. Crypto and specifically Bitcoin will never get legs until it uncouples from the US dollar. Bitcoin should be rising not falling against the USD, its behaving like a fiat currency toggled to the dollar. People compare Bitcoin to gold but there is nothing in its behaviour that would warrant that status. Not to say that it won’t happen, but it’s not there yet, we need much wider adoption of Bitcoin.

    1. @♜ Pìnned by BitBoy Crypto Good Morning 😃, sorry for the late response at work right not making some nachos Cheese

  2. I appreciate the information and streamlined script to present it in these, but Frankie looking slightly away from the camera to read it is more distracting than I’d have thought. Anyway to overlay the script with the camera would be appreciated. Otherwise thanks for the content!

    1. @Jimmulator water torture — once you start thinking about it and it doesn’t stop, you can’t think about anything else. Just offering up constructive critique for the channel to continue to improve

  3. Great job Frankie keeping it together. Give you lots of props man for holding down the fort! Don’t know how you do it.. 👍🤙💪

  4. Good information, but couldn’t stop noticing that he is reading straight from the teleprompter. Maybe move it so it’s less noticeable. Lmao 😂

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