Our Leaders Are Lying To You

In this video, Ben explains how printing is not the solution to the inflation crisis. Even his fifth-grade teacher could tell you that.

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Our Leaders Are Lying To You

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  1. Leaders need to be stupid to be corrupted, otherwises they would be “put down” by you know who.
    If you see a “leader” being fine while “failing” is not failing he is doing what he was hired for, by again, you know who.

    1. Conspiracy? I suggest you stop watching MSM and start educating yourself on what really is happening.

  2. Hopefully more people will educate themselves about Fiat currency and how the federal reserve and repo markets work. We will become Zimbabwe faster then we realize. Anyone wonder what that means look up Zimbabwe hyperinflation. And yes it can and will happen to us.

  3. Don’t want to scare anyone, but in the last 3 months I know 14 farms that have closed for mass production of food and crops. I’m talking with other farmers in other states and they are closing too. So, hmm, so, hmm, turn on your brain and load up your, hmm, you know.

  4. Ben, I watch your stuff almost every day. Big fan. I’d like to see you interact with Jeff Snyder though, I think he could add a lot of nuance to your understanding of the monetary system.

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