Over 11,000 ETH Lost in MASSIVE Mint Fail (MLB Player Locked Out of $34 Million)

In this week's wrap-up, 11,539 lost in a smart contract, Netflix teasing fans with a new drop, a very compelling Moonpay job opp, and you’ll finally have somewhere for your Bored Ape to live in! Follow NFT Alpha for the latest NFT news and updates.

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Aku NFT Mint Fail
2:23 Stranger Things NFT Drop
3:16 Moonpay
3:46 Otherside
4:38 Conclusion

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Over 11,000 ETH Lost in MASSIVE Mint Fail (MLB Player Locked Out of $34 Million)

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  1. Hell no I wouldn’t trust them.. they got the info and by negligence they f themselves and everyone else. All they had to do was listen and take advice and the team was incapable of doing that.

    1. Make more well soon that won’t be possible it is good for price but bad for the community since it creat fud

  2. Here’s a question why is a little kid asking if astronauts can be black, a kid that’s been hearing way too much racial division and emphasis. Hopefully that dude gets his money back 34 million dang. I’m not a big nft person just for the sake of having the image. But those 3D ones looked pretty neat

  3. This is why you need to measure Twice and Cut once🙄 Sucks for the people involved😡 JimmyVoid

  4. I mean if they were told there was a flaw and ignored it no one should mint with them again. The seeming arrogance here.

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