Polkadot DEAD? (SHOCKING Truth Revealed as CEO Steps Down)

What do you think about polkadot? The CEO has stepped down and polkadot's future is uncertain. In this breakdown I explain the polkadot network structure and how it is similar to . Then I analyze what's going to happen to Polkadot and whether it's worth investing in.


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Polkadot DEAD? (SHOCKING Truth Revealed as CEO Steps Down)

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    1. @Ben Armstrong I did watch it, and I hope that Gavin Wood stepping down as CEO doesn’t negatively impact DOT. If it does have a negative impact it could be felt across the entire DOT Ecosystem was my only thought. That’s why I said what I did.

    2. Remember when everybody said it wouldn’t dump massively from 6.00. This tokenomics story plays out again and agin. They release like 5% of the supply and then unlocks dump enormous supply on you for literally years. Even if u are smart, this forces u to try to catch a falling knife that needs to bounce off the bottom and then try to pump with weights tied around its neck for years.

  1. I think you are blowing this out of proportion… What did you think the word INTERIM meant??? He was the best person for the job at the time…

  2. Buying polkadot is like buying ETH at 100$. Holding my DOT until next cycle.
    Bad news? Well, if it was so bad we would have seen DOT reaching 1/2$… but it did hold strong. FUD on DOT doesn’t make any sense when you have, for instance, SOLANA Droping 70% in one month… 😂

    1. Right there with you, I see what dot is working on, who is on the team and their plans for the future, It is not about being the number 1 crypto for them, it is about doing something no one else is able to do. Gavin is building a car to win Le mans and everyone else is focusing on the race next Saturday.

      I am DCA in to dot every week. DOT, ADA, MATIC and ALGO all the way.

  3. Thoughts are Gavin…—moving back to his strengths as designer architect is a good thing 💪🏼, and that’s how DOT all started anyway. I’m staying in it, holding . DOT was over $50 plus at height of last bull run. Maybe if DOT was not moving during a Bull market then maybe I would be more willing to sell. Smart money buys now, and profits are made from buying in a bear marjet, we all k ow that. And DOT is a solid project still until proven otherwise. If the announcement was that Gavin was leaving the project we’ll that is a totally different issue or problem. Thanks for the video Ben.

  4. This move could actually be good for DOT. All of it’s original founder plans still in place, but now with fresh eyes and a better “business perspective” could actually be good for it. I’ll hold my DOT until the next cycle and see what happens. I’m only into it for a few hundred coins anyway, and as a defensive measure maybe I’ll cash out the interest as it comes in instead of letting it accumulate, but I don’t believe right now that the project is dead.

    1. @Mathew Stevens what the heck are you talking about??
      Cardano made a millionaire!!
      Bought lots of ADAs in 2019 and sold in 2021!!

  5. Polkadot is top tier. Gavin has been into coding/creating since a child. It was clear he didn’t enjoy traveling around the world giving talks, he’d rather be working. He even hinted towards that in an interview. Honestly, it’s admirable IMO, instead of the fame he wants to keep innovating. Let’s not forget there would be no Solidity (Ethereum’s primary language/code) without Gavin.

    1. @YBA once again calling him a YouTuber doesn’t matter. He lets the devs and spos do the work. it’s called decentralization

  6. I would disagree, I didn’t give much thought into Polkadot last bull and now that I’ve started researching and using it I’m convinced DOT will be one of the best players and runners next bullmarket.

    1. U don’t need it for gas. And every coin that gets a slot has massive vc unlocks and no Americans can get into the crowdloan. Hence the lack of splash for any of the chains getttjng a slot. Cuz who cares, call me in like 4 years when the unlocks aren’t so aggressive

  7. If you’re holding DOT do not sell any of it right now. DOT has one of the largest developing team of any crypto project and Ben knows this as well. Either Ben is creating FUD for personal reasons or he’s clueless.

    1. Def agree. He wants us to sell so he can get better deal on the dips. Never trust a word this clown says. He wants us to lose money.

  8. from what I got reading is alot of developers using dot, woods wanted to make it more web 3 robust, and maybe he does have a better marketing guy, which leaves him free to work on the tech side? I have dot, kusama, moonriver, glmr, and a few tied to them…so hopefully he doesn’t just plan on going snowboarding..I think they have tried to be more sec freindly to survive

  9. Gavin has become obsessed with decentralization ever since he saw what was coming down the regulatory pipeline.. He reunited with the tech side because honestly, they need him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer to question one is not too confident without the author of solidity on board.. because what they are attempting is bigger than what most projects are doing, and they’re gonna come gunning for it.

    1. @Peter Barrett you know the World doesnt revolve around u americans. Most of crypto YouTube users arent even american

    2. @Mystery Guest exactly they are going to be gunning down anything that isn’t decentralized or privacy projects that they can’t stop regardless.. Bitcoin, monero, dero probably best bets going forward, or maybe other projects that can figure out how to decentralize and remain untrackable and untraceable like pirate chain

  10. I agree with everyone here!! DOT is a great project and I plan to hold and accumulate more as we go into the next bull market. Gavin is just doing what makes him happy and if he doesn’t want to be CEO or be in the spot light, I don’t see an issue with that.

    1. Solana-esk tokenomics. Huge vc locks over years for every coin. Polkadot not needed for gas. Very bad pumpamentals for the ecosystem

  11. The Kusama projects sure did well then violently retreated. The value prop on MOVR was that it could act as an L2 but IMX (killing it), Arbitrum, and ZKSync (and sidechain Polygon also killing it), from a Bizdev/Partnerships standpoint trounced the DOT/Kusama ecosystem projects. Goes to show good tech needs good Marketing and a strong BD Channel.

  12. No one who has seen Gavin’s recent commits in Github will say this is a bad move.

    P.S. Nakamoto stepped down as founder and I’d say his former project is doing well.

  13. Gavin’s move is probably a good one for DOT but I am concerned about that ecosystem. I’m rooting for it to succeed but the user experience in general is poor compared to other layer 1s. And the DOT auction experience for me hasn’t been a good one overall. Not sure it’s been worth my investment and time so far.

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